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Trixie Dog/Cat Slicker Brush with Brush Cleaner helps you in easily grooming and taking care of your dogs and cats. This slicker brush provides gentle care to your pets' gentle top and base coats. Its chrome brush base offers a comfortable care with durability. This pet grooming tool has extra soft wire bristles for thorough brushing and de-tangling. It comes with a wooden handle for a firm grip. This slicker brush is accompanied with a brush cleaning comb that swiftly removes collected hair.

Features -

  • Slicker brush for dogs and cats

  • De-tangles and removes loose hair

  • Thoroughly goes through top and base coats

  • Made with extra soft wire bristles

  • Has a wooden handle for firm grip

  • Comes with a cleaning brush

How to use -

  • Gently stroke in the direction of the fur growth to remove fleas, tangles, dirt and dead hair.

  • Slowly go through the fur on head, neck, shoulders, back and tail.

Dimensions - 13 x 9 cm

Colors Available - White, Red and Black

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