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Ultimate is a fantastic new shampoo which thoroughly, yet gently, cleans the dirtiest, smelliest animals. Grease, oil and grime will melt away with the dirt and leave the coat soft and lustrous. Antistatic compounds will also leave the hair manageable without attracting dirt. Ultimate is excellent for all breeds. The humectant and emollient rich formula is easy on your hands and the animal's skin, and makes it a great shampoo for everyday use. Ultimate rinses easily to save water and is the most concentrated shampoo available at 50 to 1 to provide great economy.


  • Perfect shampoo for the widest ranges of coat types
  • Deeply cleans very dirty and smelly animals and removes stains with gentle thoroughness
  • Removes stains with gentle thoroughness
  • Conditions hair, softens skin and leaves coat luminous and manageable
  • Emollient and humectant rich formula great for everyday use
  • Great for dogs, puppies, cats, kittens and farm animals


  • Capacity : 3.8 litre
  • 50 : 1 Concentrated

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