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Height adjust stand is extremely handy equipment to have a dog grooming. Made for use with Aeolus TD901T/TD901GT dryer. You can mount dryer at varying heights, ideal when grooming your dog on an upside, allowing your dryer to be moved much easily, freeing up your hands to work while increasing the flexibility with this stand.

Features -

  • How does it work? Why it is good? This stand is made with a long pole in the center, supported by a cross-shaped base that provides a wide bottom to prevent this stand from being tipped over easily.
  • This stand mounted on wheels, with one being fitted to the end point of the crossed base for maximum maneuverability and movement.
  • The end of the stand is fitted with a strong bracket that is used to connect your dryer to the stand, providing a good hold on the piece, while also supporting its weight and positioning well.
  • The central pole of the stand is fitted with a plastic section towards the top that can be gripped, allowing adjustment through a telescopic function that extends and reduces the length of this pole to suit your own needs.

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