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Trixie Fur Care Glove - Wire Bristles with Tips is the most convenient way to groom your pets. While wearing this glove, you can pet your dog or cat and this glove can help you in detangling their coat gently. It can take out loose and dead hair by it's soft wire bristles while massaging your pet's coat. It can also help in stimulating blood flow for a healthy and shiny coat. It is made with soft mesh material that offers a long and comfortable wear.


  • stimulates the blood flow
  • removes loose hair
  • with hook and loop fastener
  • wire bristles with tips
  • breathable mesh material/TPR
  • Size - 18 x 24 cm

How to use?

  • Gently stroke the brush in the direction of the fur growth to remove fleas, tangles, dirt and dead hair.

  • Slowly go through the fur on head, neck, shoulders, back and tail.

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