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Perfect for: Sanitary Clipping on all breeds. If outstanding performance and great value are what you are looking for then Ed Geib Buttercut Clipper Blades are perfect for you and every Dog you groom! Whether you are a professional groomer or just getting started, you will appreciate the smooth cutting action and durability these clipper blades provide. Here's why: Each Buttercut Clipper Blade is guaranteed to meet your satisfaction! Buttercut Blades rate a 70+ on the Rockwell Hardness Scale...harder than most name brand clipper blades. Made of premium quality high carbon German Steel. Ultra Sharp finish. If you appreciate high performance at a great price then Geib Buttercut Clipper Blades are the best choice for all of your clipping and grooming needs.

Features -

  • Geib Buttercut stainless steel clipper blade is designed for use with all type A5 blades
  • Made of premium-quality, high-carbon German stainless steel
  • Edges stay ultra-sharp longer
  • Comes with 40 size

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