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The sturdy and Stylish pet grooming dryer performs just like its name.  It has 2 heat speeds and a powerful motor. This single motor powerful dryer is lightweight and portable enough to carry outdoor for shows, exhibitions, and other business needs.


  • Super powerful, 30 % more percussion force and wind speed.
  • Possibility of regulating the airflow from 0 to 99 l/s by 2 levels.
  • The heat is activated during 2 Levels.
  • Extensible tube of one meter long at rest becoming 2.5 meters once operating.
  • Very versatile powerful ejector and dryer for dogs and cats.
  • Features an upgraded motor with the heating element to blast water and hair away with ease.
  • Auxiliary single motor dryer with a powerful motor
  • Versatile dryer


  • Ideal for grooming salons, breeders, and other business use.
  • It is lightweight as well as portable and easy to carry for shows, exhibitions, or other traveling needs. 
  • Good choice even for the individual groomer, drying large or long haired dogs.
  • The dryer contains air filtration with washable filter for easy maintenance.


  • Max Power: 2100 W
  • Airflow: Max 80 l/s
  • Voltage: 220 V
  • Net weight: 4 kg
  • Hose length: 3.2 ft to 8 ft
  • Dimension: 16” L X 11” W X 7” H (40 L X 28 W X 17 H cm)

Kit includes:

  • 1 Narrow Nozzle
  • 1 Flat Nozzle

How to care:

  • Step 1 – Unplug the dryer, and take out the cap and filter which are located at the rear exterior of the dryer. Use a vacuum cleaner or a big brush to clean the cap and foam filter. You may find the cap and filter accumulated with animal dander, debris, and hair all over it. It has to be cleaned thoroughly.
  • Step 2 – Later take the foam filter, scrub and clean it nicely so that the bacteria and odour are gone. Allow it to dry off and fix everything as it is.

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