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Forbis Short Coat Aloe Shampoo contains Aloe Vera Gel to help Protect water supply. Adds lubricates and moisturizes skin to the coat. Ultraviolet (UV) light back, Anti-inflammation, Quickens the circulation of the blood.Oil-water balance. Adds luster and shine to petõs coat without delicate coat or drying sensitive skin.It is mild shampoo of non-stimulating material that is made to be suitable on skin and coat of young animals. It cleans gently and thoroughly.It does not stimulate’s the eyes and skin of puppies, clean scent and mild fresh.The special additives olive oil extract and heat-active ingredients will leave pet's coat rich, luxurious andsmooth. This product prevents coat's tangle.


Does not stimulate the eyes and skin of puppies, clean scent and mild fresh. Bath shampoo uses non-irritating washing Ingredient extracted from olive oil and coconut oil Allows for effective washing of soft and sensitive skin. Maintain shiny and resilient hair with its rich moisturizing function. Blocks ultraviolet rays, maintains balance between oil and water. Has a fantastic scent Freshness from natural high quality Aloevera.

  • Capacity: 750 ml
  • Product Code: SHA716

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