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Whether you own a grooming salon, pet shop, vet clinic, kennel, pet hotel, or pet training school, you will benefit from having this wonderful machine on hand.


  • It removes odor while helping sterilize and disinfect the environment
  • This advanced Ozone machine is designed to destroy and not just cover up pet odors, bacteria, fungii, viruses and other indoor air pollutants
  • Ozone machine generates high levels of ozone at 14g/h making it the most efficient machine currently in the market
  • Purify the air in a 325 sq.ft. room in approximately 5 minutes
  • This generator comes equipped with a count down timer and automatic shut-down function
  • Unlike other ozone generators, our generator can operate for extended amounts of time, enabling you to maintain a clean and odor free environment
  • This machine requires no supplementary additives and is relatively maintenance free



Code Name of Product Dimensions Capacity Size
OG-502 Single Power Ozone Generator  Size : 18x14.5x26cm   Small

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