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Aeolus Sprint Deluxe Folding Table has a specially designed pyramidal surface pattern and this dog grooming table is soothing and helps reduce visual fatigue during long hours working. It's easy to set up, easy to handle and offers perfect stability. ABK Grooming offers this amazing pet table at such an exclusive price. This table is perfect for small breeds up to 40kg. Thus, Pet Grooming Table is a budget-friendly yet sturdy pet grooming table of Top – Class international brand for a full-fledged pet grooming experience at an economical price. This table always comes with a grooming arm and a harness which is the most significant tool for professional groomers for easy and quick grooming.


  • Classical folding table with non-slip rubber surface, Made of MDF top
  • Stable & durable stainless-steel legs
  • Static-free rubber mat makes this tabletop easy to clean and remove hair and debris
  • High-Density MDF board and pliable PVC edging resits scratches and mars
  • Dual functional single grooming arm   
  • Clamp for tight positioning
  • Single grooming arm with a nylon harness
  • Featured in this design are the support brackets making this table capable of handling heavyweight. 32 mm diameter strong leg and steel reinforced rubber caps make for an extremely stable table


  • Foldable- easy to operate
  • Easy to handle and offers perfect stability
  • Ergonomic grooming experience
  • Grooming arm for correct positioning of pets while grooming
  • Nylon harness to keep dogs calm while grooming


  • Size: Medium 
  • Max load: 45 Kg
  • Net weight:13 kg
  • Dimension: 35" L X 24" W X 30" H (90 L X 60 W X 76 H CM)

Pros of buying a pet grooming table

  • When you brush a dog, a grooming table will allow you to reach the nooks and crannies.  
  • The grooming table helps you to get professional-grade looks on your pet because of easy access to the pets. 
  • Grooming pets on the table gives groomers a comfortable position instead of all that back and knee aches.


You must get a Table Top Mat for the grooming table, as the table mat is anti-slippery and gives a voguish look to your grooming table as well as keeps the table clean and hygienic with just one blow of air.

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