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The Air Force Mounting Bracket is an essential possession every busy grooming salon must-have. As it is a wall mount bracket used for hanging pet dryers to save space, it can be stationed at distance and away from the floor while you dry dogs. It also helps you to move dryers easily between different grooming stations. The Air Force Mounting Bracket is considered to be a smart buy for compact or mobile grooming salons. One can use consecutive brackets to create a mobile dryer- docking junction. This bracket works for most Air Force® models.

Fits with following models: AFTD-1 AFTD-1V AFTD-2 AFTD-2V AFTD-3 AFTD-3V B-3 B-3V CM-3 CM-3DLX VNB-4AFBR

Specification:  Brackets come complete with hardware Measures 4-1/2-inch length by 3-1/2-inch width by 2-inch height

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