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The bearded collie is a herding dog that came from Scotland at the beginning of the 19th century. Although the breed looks to have unlimited activity, bearded collies make wonderful family companions. Beardies are dedicated and fond of people, which means that they need a lot of care and a family owner who is eager and ready for many experiences. It is suggested that houses have large properties or at least a large yard. This extra room will assist in avoiding danger for these busy individuals since they are awake naturally and like looking at things. Bearded Collies are wonderful additions to families with children, other pets, and visitors. Make sure to begin their training at an early age so that these balls of energy are well-adjusted to their lifestyle. Obedience, agility, and training are additional ways of keeping your pet's extremely clever minds busy.


Bearded Collies are commonly confused for English sheepdogs because of their appearance. In general, these canines are medium, lengthy, and muscular in stature. The coat and eyes are two of the most distinguishing features of the breed. It may be difficult to see behind all of these hairs, but the eyes of this breed are inspiring. Among many other things, they were termed inquisitive, expressive, intelligent, and gentle. The fur is always in the dog's eyes, which is a distinctive characteristic of the race. The bearded collie's coat is quite beautiful when well-maintained.


In nearly every manner, beardies are highly maintained. Due to their lengthy, double coats, they need their coats blown dry every day to stay well, and every 6–8 weeks, a bath is required. Many owners decide to carefully care for their Beardie. Bearded Collies don't have a hypoallergenic effect, and they shed a bit. They shed extensively every year, and it can continue for up to one month, but the daily brushing will do a lot to clean up. They may be friendly to outsiders, but they like guarding and will be on high alert, barking if necessary. To keep their sharp little minds occupied, you'll need to take them outside every day and give them lots of training. They are also adept at herding, tracking, and therapeutic work. They are not a breed for the faint of heart, and you must be prepared to teach them regularly and forcefully from the beginning.


Preventative measures for your pet include taking/ her to regular veterinary checkups, brushing the teeth every week and keeping the coat clean and free of mats and tangles. Also, it may be easy to forget to check those ears hiding under all that hair but doing so will prevent dirt and wax buildup. Eye exams are recommended for this breed. Although the Bearded Collie breed is generally a healthy one, you should consider the following list of potential health issues; bear in mind your Beardie may live a long healthy life and not be affected by any of them.
  • Eye diseases
  • Cancer
  • Addison's disease can affect the adrenal glands in dogs, causing dehydration, poor energy, and sadness, which may be detected by a blood test.
  • Joint problems
  • Hypothyroidism is an endocrine disease that can impact many areas of your dog's health, so you should have this blood test if you notice anything unusual.



  • When grooming a dog, some people like the dog to be lying flat on its side, while others want the dog to be upright. Do what seems right to you.

  • Start with the bristle brush and pull the coat up, starting at the bottom and working your way up in layers, ensuring that the entire coat is covered. Brush in a coat-restorer or conditioner to help with hair separation.

  • Working with a pin brush, go over the coat one more. Any mats will become visible at this stage and may be worked on with the brushes first, then the wooden wide-toothed comb.

  • A comb should only be used after the coat has been combed using a brush; otherwise, any knots would pull heavily and give discomfort to the dog. If the dog's coat is matted, don't bathe him; the coat must be clear of tangles before you start.

  • Use a good quality conditioner and a protein pH-balanced shampoo for the Bearded Collie.

  • Blow-dry the coat while brushing it with a pin brush. To improve texture and avoid matting or cracking, use a lanolin lubricant. After shampooing and rinsing, some people apply a straightening conditioner that is brushed or combed in. However, this isn't actually necessary because a Beardie coat can be wavy in the show ring and doesn't have to be perfectly straight.

  • Check the dog's nails, ears, and teeth for any signs of infection.






    Andis standard self-cleaning slicker brush move knots and dirt. The best feature of this brush is the self-cleaning button, which removes dog hair from the brush. The pins on this brush are of high quality and are also loved by pet parents and pet professionals. With regular use of these high-quality self-cleaning slicker brushes, you will see 90% less shedding and will also increase your bond with your dog.





    The popular heavy-duty Andis DBLC Pulse ZR II Cordless Clipper now comes with a removable battery and a longer run time, providing you more clipping time. A powerful 5-speed heavy-duty engine powers this clipper. It ensures that all the types of coats are properly groomed. For a more refined look, it runs cooler.





    Trixie Dog Deshedding Massage Brush promotes blood flow. With a rubber hand loop and quadruple tips it gives deep massage to the pet’s coat. De-shedding tool removes undesired and stray hair. It does not irritate the skin of the pet. This Deshedding massage brush is durable and gives comfort to pets while the time of brushing





     Groomer's goop glossy coat shampoo  completely cleans the coat and prepares it for shine. The four-in-one solution cleans, conditions, detangles, and moisturizes your dog's coat after every wash, leaving it as healthy and glossy as ever.





    Trixie dog/cat nail clipper  is safe for use on dogs, cats, small animals, and birds. High-quality stainless steel is used to ensure a long-lasting, razor-sharp cutting edge. The nail clipper has a safety lock to prevent claws from being trimmed too short. The handle is made of plastic and has a non-slip rubber grip.


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