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Astonishing Women's Bond with Pets


Women and dogs share a very tight bond. Our pets, as we know, love us unconditionally. They don’t care if we’ve bad head, are not in a mood, are stubbled or are feeling lazy on a Sunday afternoon. Pets seem to instinctively understand when we need their silent love and support and when we need to be left alone. They are there with a soothing snuggle, a loving glance or a robust, enthusiastic greeting when we come home from a day at work!

Today’s pampered pets spend most of their time with the nurturing love. Dogs act as exercise motivators, stress relievers, non-judgemental listeners and support systems, Add the protection element, and men may worry they will be replaced by a well-bred German shepherd.

Much has been written regarding the women-animal bond, and the benefits it can bring to owners of companion animals.  Sometimes pets are portrayed as more-or-less interchangeable, as if it made little difference to the relationship whether the pet happens to be a cat, a dog, or a bird.  The emotional ties that pet-owners feel towards their pets is also somewhat different with different sort of pet concerned, but the way the pets feel about their owners will be markedly different from one species to another.  Moreover, these variations have profound implications for the well-being of pets that find themselves in a less-than-ideal relationship.

Medical studies have established that merely cuddling the dog or cat can lower blood pressure; that sounds like the most effective medicine taken! The feeling of calmness you experience once you see and feel your pets isn’t your imagination! Celebrating our bond with our pets is easy — offer them a belly rub, a fun toy and a warm bed!




Part of this wonderful connection occurs because dogs are great observers of our behavior. When the dog acts kindly toward the child and receives praise for this effort, he’s driven to remain on the brink of the kids and insert himself into parenting duties. The dog is then showered with a lot of praise, more attention and more treats. This is precisely the method ladies motivate young children and adult men, and it works most of the time.

Most of the pet groomers are women and they are doing quite well in their careers. The 2nd National Dog Competition was comprised with 32 participants out of which 20 were ladies. Also the pet shops we have in India are owned mostly by women justifying the relationship women share with pets give them whole lot of knowledge about the pets.

To all the amazing women out there, there is a personal message which we really like to share with you – “Be a strong woman. So your girl can have a role model and your son can apprehend what to look for in a women when he’s a man.”

Have a good time ladies!!!!

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