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Reasons Why Should You Adopt a Pet

Are you thinking about adopting an animal, and want to learn more about why you should adopt them? If you're thinking about getting a pet, you might wonder if you should adopt one from an animal shelter near you or acquire one from a breeder.

While buying from breeders has its perks, we hope we’ll help you in choosing to adopt a pet instead, and we've put together a list of as many reasons as we can think of to persuade you. Continue reading to see why adopting your next pet is a better option.

You're Going to Get a Wonderful Animal.

Pic Credit: Pexels

Every animal is unique, but rescued animals have a special way of connecting with their people. Rescuing a pet will give you a sense of purpose and achievement, as well as the pride of supporting a helpless animal.

So maybe it's their thankfulness for being rescued, or maybe it's the greater compassion they deserve having come from challenging circumstances. Regardless of the reason, a rescue pet will brighten your life and provide near-infinite happiness.

And disregard what you've heard about shelter animals being "broken"; many of them are physically and psychologically healthy, and even those with traumatic histories may learn to love and understand humans.

Save Two Lives


Pic Credit: Pexels

Every year, millions of animals enter shelters around the world. These include stray animals, surrendered pets, and breeder animals declared unfit for sale are among them. These are overwhelmingly kind, loving animals who have simply found themselves in tragic conditions. And for many of them, their paths will end in euthanasia, which they do not deserve. That's when you come into play.

Pet adoption from a shelter or other rescue center not only saves that animal's life but also the life of another who could now take its place now. It's a double good deed and a second life for two animals that wouldn't have had one if not for you.

Adoption Frees up Valuable Resources.


Pic Credit: Pixabay

One of the top reasons we urge people to adopt rather than buy a pet from a store or breeder is that it frees up resources that may be used to support other animals that really need it. Because most pet shelters are at or near capacity and lack the funding or local support to house a pet long-term, Adopt Don’t Shop.

Putting an End to Commercial Breeding


Pic Credit: Pexels

Puppy mills, also known as commercial breeding operations, are hell on earth for the animals that live there. Dogs and cats spend their entire lives caged, deprived of sufficient diet, medical treatment, socialization, and the option to go out and feel love.

They only have one goal: to breed whichever popular purebred dog or kitten is currently in great demand, with the majority of the puppies and kittens being shipped to pet retailers and sold online.

It's bad enough to think about, but it's even worse to experience. Puppy mills exist because there is a demand for them; if you adopt a pet instead of buying one, you are one step closer to a world without them.

You'll Contribute to the Fight Against Animal Abuse


Pic Credit: Unsplash

As we previously discussed, animal breeding mills are unnecessarily cruel. In fact, they breed animals that are sickly and deprived.  When you buy from a retail pet store, you're contributing to their self-serving cause rather than fighting against this unjust brutality.

Animal adoption provides a secure shelter for these stray animals and frees them from the torment of commercial breeding.

You'll Save a Lot of Money

 Pic Credit: Pexels

The majority of shelter and rescue pets have already been neutered, vaccinated, and trained! These costs are covered by a low adoption charge, which is substantially less than what you'd pay at a veterinarian's office or if you bought a pet from a breeder.


It’s a Chain Reaction of Inspiration

Pic Credit: Unsplash

By rescuing an animal in distress, you will motivate others to do the same. You'll have a positive influence on others around you by making the sustainable choice to adopt a pet, whether it's your family, friends, or folks on social media. So again, be a pet rescue hero and save a pet's life to inspire others to do the same. 

Positive Effects on Physical and Emotional Well-Being

Pic Credit: Pexels

Rescued pets provide a general sense of connection, which helps to alleviate loneliness and improves our emotional well-being.

Moreover, evidence suggests that pet parents of adopted have lower rates of depression because this affective relationship makes us more confident people with more clear objectives. As a result, it's no surprise that pets (emotional support animals) are becoming more common in anxiety and depression therapy strategies. For instance, soldiers that return home with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) find it really helpful to deal with difficult times with their help.

As for physical health, dog owners had lower blood pressure than non-dog owners, according to multiple studies. Dogs and other pets have a comforting effect on humans, according to most professionals. Dogs also encourage their owners to be more active, which helps lower blood pressure, aiding in an overall health boost. 


We hope you found our list to be insightful and helpful in answering your questions. If we have encouraged you to avoid buying a pet from a pet store or a breeder, please spread the word and prepare yourself; your life will never be the same!

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