ABK's Pet care with Pawpaya Pet Wipes

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ABK's Pet care with Pawpaya Pet Wipes: ABKGrooming.com

ABK has always strived to get better products onboard to make the lives of pets and pet parents better. While there are a lot of pet care products available to us, the purpose of introducing Pawpaya was to make pet care products available that are easy-to-use, cost-effective. Pawpaya pet wipes can be used on dogs and cats We are sure it will soon become a big hit with pet lovers. Let us understand why it is one of the best pet wipes available in the Indian market.

Why Pawpaya pet wipes are distinct?

 Our pet wipes are introduced in the market only after going through two tests: The quality of the product and its usability.  

ABK's Pet care with Pawpaya Pet Wipes: ABKGrooming.com

Features of Pawpaya as a brand:

  1. Easy to use
  2. Cost-effective
  3. Vet Approved
  4. Multipurpose Usage
  5. Gentle Formulation
  6. Cruelty-Free
  7. Plant-based ingredients
  8. Alcohol-Free
  9. Paraben- Free

Our Pawpaya pet wipes range:

  1. Pawpaya, 5 In 1 40 Pull Pack Pet Wipes
  2. Pawpaya, 5 In 1 100 Pull Pack Pet Wipes
  3. Pawpaya, 5 In 1 Tub Pet Wipes
  4. Pawpaya, Ear Care 25 Pull Pack Pet Wipes
  5. Pawpaya, Eye Care 25 Pull Pack Pet Wipes

ABK's Pet care with Pawpaya Pet Wipes: ABKGrooming.com

Uses of Pawpaya pet wipes:

The Pawpaya pet wipes are made for dogs & cats with a special formulation that helps remove dirt and odour from the pet’s skin. Formulated with Aloe extract makes the wipes soothing for dry skin too. Cleans all body parts, face, paw & bums, so you can let your pets have some outdoor fun!

Pawpaya pet wipes control doggy odours, and clean up puppy slobber. It’s excellent for touch-ups on dirty paws. During winter or rainy season when it is difficult to bathe pets it is feasible to use wipes to freshen up pets. It will reduce the dander that causes allergies, and keep your pet’s coat soft and shiny all time. Pawpaya pet wipes are also good to be used every day after outdoor play time or walks.

Pet wipes are an extremely useful tool when it comes to pet care. The real secret lies in the ingredients of the wipes, they have to be pet friendly, as they constantly lick their skin and you don’t want to accidentally irritate the skin using the wrong wipe. Thus choose Pawpaya Pet Wipes over others.