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Top 9 Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool in Summer

With the sun high in the sky, we know the heatwaves will hit sooner or later. The summer is officially here. The heatwaves aren’t only affecting us humans but our dogs too. Insufficient water intake, improper care of paws, and heatstrokes can cause your dogs to suffer. We cannot control the heat, but we can take measures to keep our furry friends cooler this summer. 

We take various measures to protect our skin and bodies in this dreary heat. We put on our UV gloves, cream, and hat. But what measures do we take for our dogs? We are here to help you keep them cool inside and out. Keep reading!

What's Inside?

1. Hydration is the key.
2. Cooling mats to the rescue.
3. Early Morning or Evening walks
4. Cool baths
5. Wipe away the sweat.
6. Protect the paws.
7. An indoor date
8. Frozen treats
9. Play time

Hydration is the key.

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The prickly heat can cause your dog to have heatstrokes, sunburn, and dehydration. Just like us, our dogs might face the adverse effects of heat waves. How do we prevent it? Clean and cool drinking water will keep them hydrated. Cascade Drinking Fountain: A water fountain that constantly filters and flows water is a mess-free and hands-free solution for drinking water. It is ideal for pet parents who are away at work. 

Cooling mats to the rescue.

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Summer can be harsh on our four-legged friends. It is obvious that heat makes the surface hotter; hence, we have the perfect solution to it. A cooling mat. It functions at the contact of the body heat to give its cooling effect without any additional electricity or water. So your dog can experience the coolness of the snowy mountains even in the summer.

Pro tip: Cooling mats function the same whether they are dry or soaked in water. It can be used after short periods of time too. 

Early Morning or Evening walks

Exercises for your dog, Summer exercise for dogs, Summer activities with dogs


Regular activity for dogs is essential, as it helps practice their agility and let out their hyper-active energy. We suggest taking your dogs for walks in the early morning. Mornings where the sun rays are easy and gentle. If early mornings are missed, you can always take your pet out in the evening or night. This will help them get their daily exercise and keep the heat off their bodies. In cases of walks, make sure to carry a portable bowl to provide water whenever necessary to your dog.

Pro Tip: A cooler environment can get the exercise done and provide more bonding opportunities.

Cool baths

Bathing tips of dogs, Bathing in summer for pets, Summer bath hacks for pets

Bath time can be a great way to cool off some heat. A cold water shower with moisturizing shampoo that cleans off the sweat and dirt. A cleansing shampoo that can leave your dog smelling fresh and clean. Gentle formulation and ingredients do matter a lot when buying a shampoo for our pets. A bath can be a great way to cool off your dogs.

Pro Tip: An improper shampoo can harm the coat’s texture and may cause further complications. The shampoo should be moisturizing and soft on the skin. 

Wipe away the sweat.

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Our dogs can be sweating just like us. They have two types of sweat glands一 merocrine glands and apocrine glands. Merocrine glands make our dogs sweat from their paw pads, which helps them stay cool. In such cases, you can use pet wipes that are multi-purpose. It can be used to clean the areas around eyes, nose and body as well. Wipes can work as a great alternative to bathing. It can leave your dog feeling clean and fresh.

Pro Tip: Pet wipes are easy to carry and clean. The wipes can clean as efficiently as washing your dog. A damp towel will also lock the coolness in and clean your pet efficiently.

Protect the paws.

Protective boots for pets, Protective shoes for pets, Shoes for dogs


The heated surface can damage the sensitive paws. Direct contact with a hot, prickly surface can hurt your dogs. In such cases, we recommend using Trixie Protective boots for protection against the heated ground. This may reduce the chances of sunburn on their paws.

Pro Tip: Protective boots can protect your dog in extreme weather, whether sunny or cold. These boots let your dog walk comfortably.

An indoor date

Dog and person playing fetch indoors with a red ball. Enjoy fun activities with your dog indoors during hot summer weather


There is no harm in having an indoor date with your furry companion. There is no better way to spend the day with your furry friends than indoors. Just switch off Netflix and enjoy this time as a bonding experience. Who would miss such a chance?

Pro Tip: You can set a fan to have ample air ventilation or open the windows for air. 

Frozen treats

Frozen treats, DIY treats at home, Frozen treats for pets


Treats with a lot of water starch or high protein can be frozen into popsicle sticks. You can use fruits like watermelon, apples, or bananas that provide proteins and fiber. You can also blend your fruits together and freeze them into bite-sized treats. 

Pro Tip: Frozen treats act as a cooling agent for your dogs, so they can keep them cool in the summer heat while providing tasty treats.

Play time

Dog catching a frisbee in a backyard. Keep your dog active with short playtime indoors or outdoors during cooler hours


Play time can be held in the evening when the temperature is a lot cooler. You can make use of sprinkler or hose to add more fun to the play time. It will also help bring down the body heat. 

Pro Tip: Excessive activity can lead to more heat buildup in the body. Sprinklers can cool down the play time and maintain a cool environment.


Excessive heat isn’t only harsh on us but on our pets too. This summer, let’s make it easier for them and keep the heatstrokes away. Using the various techniques and tips mentioned above, you can maintain a cool body temperature. So beat summer with no hindrance to fun.

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