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Top 10 Tips To Care for Your Pet This Winter

Winter in our country ranges from mildly cold to bitter, and you and your pets both require extra care as the temperature falls. If you believed that their fur alone would keep them warm, you'd be joining the ranks of countless pet parents who make the same mistake. 

So, you must ensure that your happy pet is comfortable and healthy so that they can share the finest of the cold seasons with you!

Here are the top 10 pet care recommendations for the winter that will make your life easier.

1.   Their Fur is a Natural Insulator


Pic Credit: unsplash


The majority of animals have thick fur that naturally keeps them warm. Hence, avoid shaving their coats throughout winters. Brushing your pet can help remove trapped debris and provide better insulation, keeping them clean. Andis Standard Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush is a great tool for this job The best feature of this brush is the self-cleaning button that removes dog hair when pressed. The pins on this brush are of high quality and are loved by pet parents and pet professionals. With regular use of these high-quality self-cleaning slicker brushes, you will see 90% less shedding. 

Also, after washing your pet, don't take them for a walk right awayAllow their coat to dry completely before letting them outside to reduce the risk of falling ill. 


2.   Keep Them Indoors.


Pic Credit: unsplash


It's best to keep our pets away from the chilly weather so they don't catch a cold. So, try keeping them indoors as much as you can. However, it's tough to keep them from wanting to go out in the open. You can take them outside in the late mornings or early afternoons when it's much warmer. Not only will they be more satisfied, but they will also get much-needed Vitamin D. 


3.   Warm Clothing for Pets


Pic Credit: unsplash


Wrapping your pets in warm clothing is a valid practice to keep their health in check during the winter. To keep them warm, get woolen coats, booties, and socksKeeping their paws warm with these can help fight frostbite and keep away the chemicals used to prevent the formation of ice. 

Pets in winter apparel can look really adorable too, and you can find a broad selection of clothing items on the internet today, so why not keep them warm while making a fashion statement?


4.   Know their Temperature Tolerance


Pic Credit: unsplash


You must learn your pet's tolerance based on various aspects, including their fur, body fat reserves, metabolic rate, and health, just as you must understand your own. Short-haired or those with shorter legs feel colder because of the greater exposure, whereas long-haired or thick-coated pets are generally more resistant. Cover them accordingly. 


5.   Bathe them Less Often


Pic Credit: unsplash


Animal skin dries out in the same manner as human skin does. Animals can be uncomfortable if they have dry skin, even if it isn't a serious problem. Baths should not be avoided entirely from December to March. 

However, you may want to reduce the frequency and consult with your vet about finding a Moisturizing Dog Shampoo that is more hydrating than the average. 

Hydra Groomer's Moisturizing Shampoo is highly recommended as it contains oatmeal extract and provides relief for itchy and sensitive skin. Oatmeal helps reduce irritation while promoting moisture and hydration. This shampoo’s natural ingredient list will leave you feeling confident that you are using high-quality ingredients on your pet. No harsh chemicals are used and the best part is that it can be used on all pets without the fear of skin irritation.

Bio-Groom Waterless Shampoo allows you to shampoo without wetting or rinsing when bathing is not practical or when you want to reduce the frequency of baths. It is enhanced with optical brighteners and highlights all natural colors adding intense luster to the coat. It cleans gently, removes stains, and is especially valuable for touch-ups. It is tearless and alcohol-free.


6.   Make Sure Their Bedding is Both Warm and Inviting.




Pic Credit: unsplash

While we all know how much our pets want to claim every single corner in the house as their own, we should still make sure they have their own warm and inviting space in this harsh weather. With their familiar blankets and toys, that becomes their safe haven. With the Trixie bed collection, every pet can find a favorite spot to relax. These are a collection of smartly-designed beds that will retain maximum heat and allow your furry baby to curl up and stay cozy. It is an ideal choice because it is easy to wash. 

Moreover, make sure that any heaters or fireplaces you have in the house are pet-proofed so that your pets don't harm themselves while trying to seek warmth.


7.   Make Dietary Changes 



Pic Credit: unsplash

When an animal's activity level changes dramatically, as it often does in the winter, alterations must be made to maintain enough nourishment. Adjustments might be needed in both directions. Some dogs, for example, enjoy playing in the snow. When it snows, they'll go out five or six times a day to play. They may require extra calories on those days due to the increased exertion. Other dogs dread going outside, even for potty breaks. They should intake fewer calories because they are less active. Consult your veterinarian if you're unsure about what's best for your pet and their level of activity.


8.  Hydrate! 


Pic Credit: pixabay

Winter reduces our water intake, just as it does for your pets. Dehydration, however, can be life-threatening. So, during the winter, make sure their water bowls are never empty and keep an eye on them to see if they are drinking enough water.


9. Increase Their Exercise Intensity    


Pic Credit: unsplash

Physical activity is critical for the health of your pet. Keep them occupied throughout the day to keep their bodies warm and prevent them from catching a cold. Cats and dogs, for example, are highly playful. You can also purchase toys that will keep them physically engaged throughout the day.

If the weather allows, you can even take your pet for a walk or allow your animal pals to play outside for a bit. To improve engagement, play with them.

Create Obstacle Courses and similar exercises, or make them Walk On A Treadmill for indoor workout options. Agility Training Challenges improve your pet’s endurance, agility, and concentration skills. In winters it’s not always possible to take your pet outside for walks, Dogpacer Tredmill will make sure your pet gets their exercise even in cold weather. 


10. Get them Examined

Pic Credit: unsplash

Cold weather can aggravate a variety of ailments in pets, including arthritis, diabetes, and heart disease. As a result, paying special attention to their exercise routine is essential. Similarly, during the winter season, young and older pets may have very different care needs. So, a yearly fitness exam for your pets is always a smart idea, and if your pet has any difficulties, see your veterinarian for health supplements and other treatments. And there's no better time for a test than the winter!


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