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5 Pet Grooming Salon Summer Essentials!

Summer is the season of sweltry heat, withered pups and bugs, however don’t worry! Here are our 5 top tips for ensuring summer in the grooming salon is comfortable for both you and the pet:

Cool Clothing

The last thing you need is to be roasting in a hot salon. Invest in lightweight clothing with a loose fit and a short sleeve to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible. We love our Grooming Apparels for this. They come in various colors and sizes with different variations like sleeveless, 3/4th Sleeves.


Grooming jacket You can wear them while cutting. It will protect you from scorching heat. Also you can go for the grooming shirts and jackets. You can wear them while bathing the dog. It’s a perfect wear while grooming.

Don’t Fear From Fleas

As long as you’re well-prepared, flea season doesn’t need to be a dreaded time! Make sure you’re ready with a fumigation pack and have some on standby. You cannot go wrong with range of products Tickless has. Ultrasonic Tick and Flea Repeller’s are one of the best in the market. They give full body protection and are absolutely chemical free.

Fresh Smells

deodorizer for bad odor of cats and dogs

You can’t go wrong with a fresh or zingy summer scent to spritz on at the end of a grooming session! We absolutely love the smell of our Groom n Fresh Biogroom Shampoo & Conditioner, and we think you will love it too! The scent is so fresh and clean, we think it’s a great addition to any salon this summer. Also check the ultimate new collection of Tropiclean Pet Cologne spray. With the fresh scent of Deodorizing Kiwi Blossom and Moisturising Papaya mist, you will get the sweet feeling of freshness in the dog.

Sharpen the Tools

clipper blades

Be ready with your sharpen tools this summer to avoid any last minute hassles. Procure the best of best blades for all the cutting of short coat length dogs. Fill the new stocks which offer superior hardness for the best in performance and value. Not to worry, we got you covered! We have comprehensive range Quick detachable blades. They resists rust and corrosion.

Cut the Mess Trim the Rest

Dog grooming shears

If you are up in the thought of getting your tools serviced, you are in a good notion. For fine finishing work and perfect correct coat length, Tips of the Shears need to be perfect. Being extra safe by getting them serviced is always a good idea.

At the moment, Get the clippers oiled and be ready with the back-ups. A new addition of the clippers will definitely do wonders. Clippers with variable speeds and long life powerful motors allows you to groom the pup efficiently. Get the tools serviced and checked at our service centre. We have our service centre in Pune, Blue Ocean Service Centre. Just drop us the mail or give us the call with the details of your product and we will be at your service!



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