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Groom a Beagle: Grooming Guide for you

Breed Facts and characteristics:

Country of Origin: England (modem)


American Kennel Club has found that the Beagles are the most popular hound breed. With a squarely built, these sturdy hound dogs have a short and easy to care for coat. Their muzzle is straight and square, and they have wide, drop ears. Beagles resemble English Foxhounds but have broader heads and shorter legs than their cousins. Beagles have brown or hazel eyes and have a distinctive expression which usually makes them look like they want something. Their tails are straight and should be carried high and erect at all times. Beagles most commonly come in two color variations – tricolor or red and white – but all hound colorings are accepted in the breed standard.

Grooming Goal: The coat should be clean and fresh smelling, with the coat lying flat against the body. No shedding hair.

Groomy Tips:

  1. Use a damp towel to go over the muzzle after the bath
  2. High-velocity dryers work great to remove excessive lose hair when shedding
  3. Rubber curry brush all over the body to remove loose fur
  4. Apply a light coat polish to bring up the shine of the coat when finished
  5. Remove whiskers only if needed
  6. Trim nails as short as possible or grind
  7. Neaten hacks if needed
  8. Neaten pads and feet if needed


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