How to Choose the Best Dog Grooming Scissors?

by ABK Grooming

When planning to groom any of the customer’s dogs, dedicated equipment becomes a must, and the mains of your dog grooming kit will be the dog grooming scissors. From premium scissors such as the Hikato 5 Star or Hikato 4 Star to all the way down to everyday affordable thinners like Swan Scissors.

Scissors are available in various shapes, styles and lengths. Curved, straight and thinning shears are the one in the market these days. And are even now available ideally for Right-handed and Left-handed groomers. Also, they are available in lovely colours out there. You can match with your collection and even make a collection of the colourful range.

We have the shears with professional grade and excellent quality. Here are the things you should look for in the shears mentioned below.

  1. Long Life Material

    Always look for the scissors which are made up of good material. Basically, go for Stainless Steel. These are the ones which will last longer and have high durability. These scissors give strength and are to be corrosion resistance in nature.


  1. What it can be used for

    Check which scissor is used for what purpose. The scissors are especially made for inner ears, some for ears and feet, while some for ribs and chest. So be specific on which types of scissors you really need and how sharp it should be. Be crucial to your requirements.

 Dog grooming scissors

  1. Grip

    The soft grip of the scissor makes you comfortable. The grip of the scissors should be soft such that the finger inserts comfortably and can be used for a long time.


  1. Safety

    The most important measure to see is safety for pet grooming. For a scissor can be used all day, they should have ergonomic and offset handles.


  1. Design

    High-Gloss mirror finish, fashionable and yet elegant is the one you should look for. We do have various colours in the Swan range. Also, opt for premium shears. They are durable and are made with cryogenically-tempered Japanese Stainless Steel.

Swan scissors for grooming a dog

The best way to get the right pair of straight or curved scissors is to know your requirements. Scissors do come in different lengths, which varies in weight. This is designed to give more or less control to the groomer and is more suitable for different sizes of dogs.