How to groom a Golden Retriever?

by ABK Grooming

Golden Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds. This breed of dog is popular rational because of various reasons. They do not need lengthy grooming sessions, can be accommodated in apartments, friendly, sporty, and protective.  

A chubby, lustrous, golden coat flowing with deep brown eyes and a toothy grin is nothing but an apple to the eye. They need to be groomed at least 30 minutes a week. These grooming sessions need a few basic tools to avoid their fur from matting and knotting, which can be a terrible task to finish later. This breed needs thorough care of its coat. Because of their shedding, they require regular grooming. Need not worry and follow our guide 

Tools required to groom a Golden Retriever 

  1. Slicker Brush 
  2. Comb
  3. Scissors and thinning shears
  4. Tangle removing spray
  5. Grooming station
  6. Petkin wipes

Step-by-Step Guide -

  • Take Tropiclean tangle removing spray and use it over the area you want to work. It will help you remove tangles and reduce static. Your brush should slide through the coat and improve the texture. Tropiclean tangle removing spray reduces brushing time to 50%.
  • Use slicker Andis slicker brush to remove tangles. To start with the brush, you need to decide sections you are comfortable with. 
  • Start with scissors and thinning scissors to trim fur. First, comb the area you want to trim. For example - Trim the fur around the bottom to the feet. 

Next,  between your dog's toes. Take your comb and brush up the hair between its toes and trim away according to pads. Trim the nails if needed. Check out for the nail grinder.

  • Move to the legs, brush up the area you want to trim. Here we just need to trim the fur in alignment and make it look symmetric. Do this for all the legs and move towards the chest and the neck area.
  • Even here, try to trim the messy hair with the thinning shears till it looks flat. Every time you trim, comb and see the length of the coat and look.
  • Proceeding towards the ear, continue with the thinning shears. Trim, thin, the fur around the ear. In the front and the back of the ears. Then trim the fur above the ears.
  • The last step is to shape the tail. Keep the tail tapering towards the end while keeping it long enough. Use thinning shears to trim the fur symmetrically.
  • Wipeout your dog’s paws, ear with wipes
  • Never forget to inspect your dog’s ear. If needed clean it with ear wash. Check out for the effective ear wash Tropiclean ear wash.

You can always give a bath to your Golden retriever with shampoo and conditioner in the beginning. We recommend you to use Biogroom Bronze Lustre Color Enhancer dog shampoo. It gives natural care to your fur babies and helps you to groom effectively.