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Keep Your Furry Friends Well Groomed This Winter

In winter, grooming doesn't end! In cool winter months, taking care of your dog's coat is much more important because the cold weather also promotes the growth of fur, which leads to matts and skin issues. These easy ideas for treatment help keep your dog's coat safe in winter and can be a fun experience for the entire family. There is a widespread misunderstanding that dogs should to be cared for or only cared for moderately during winter season. In the winter time, dog care is something many owners ignore, but it's necessary, we can’t neglect it. Well before bad weather really starts, having the dog absolutely cared for is a sensible thing so they can get ready for the bad climates or winter colds.  Grooming is not just during warm weathers.  Admittedly, dog grooming during the winter season is as essential as it is during the warmer months for the health and well-being of your dog. A good coat is like a (protector) – it functions like a temperature controller, holds the winter warm and keep the summer warm.   The main thing is to keep your dog in excellent condition over the seasons so that it can help to manage temperature. It includes simple maintenance, for example, washing, cleaning, hydrating, removal of tangles and mats.

Here are some good tips you should follow during winter seasons:


One of our most convenience and easy tip is preparing your dog's hair which is long and hard for colder months are to keep the skin and coat safe. Daily grooming is essential.  It’s all some few minutes every day you need and it's a good way to link up with your pets.  Other factor includes dog's winter coat may conceal skin nasties, such as bobble, sores or rashes. For various hair styles, special dog brushes are available. We Recommend:

TRIXIE, Dog Slicker Brush with Brush Cleaner

TRIXIE, Brush with Natural Bristles

TRIXIE, Trixie Soft Slicker Brush



Like people, dogs also struggle during the wintertime- Hair and  dry face. Cold air, wind and heaters all add to dryness in the house. The easiest way to avoid hair and skin problems is to ensure that your dog doesn't suffer! Using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner in winter leaves the face and pelvis safe and lascivious. We recommend:

Forbis Aloe Rinse Dog Conditioner, 750 ml

Forbis Long Coat Aloe Shampoo, 750 ml



We prefer to go out less as the weather is cold, and our Dogs don't play or walk on pavement the way they always do. This means that their nails are not naturally wearing and require daily inspections. When you listen to some sound of their nails  on your floors, it is time for a trim. Hold the paws in top form. For nails cutting and clipping we recommend.

Andis Cordless Nail Grinder

Standard Pet Nail Clipper, Large

Dog/Cat Nail Clipper



Like your skin, The paws of dogs will get dry even if outside in winter. The pads will crack and in some instances get infected if they are severe enough.  Using a hydrating balm on the pads will help stop cracks. Another simple and convenient approach is to clean your dog's paws after any round with a dry towel.  Even you can use good shampoos and products.


Many pet parents feel that the dog would be weakened by the haircut during the cold weather because the dog wants his coat to be warm. Although that's true, it's also important that most dogs aren't always living outside , usually in such a central warmed house with an owner. House dogs should not be dependent, as wild animals do, on long fur and a thick undercoat for warmth. It is okay to make a trim in winter to your dog. Consider a longer trim or a doggie jacket, whether you're worried about the coldness of your dog on outings. We recommend some trimmers for hair cut:

Andis 12-Piece Adjustable Blade Pet Clipper Kit

Andis 4x4 Quad Blade Drive For Animal Grooming Clippers



Daily baths and coater for the preservation of the natural oils of a puppy. This helps keep your skin and your shell protected and prevents dry skin or dandruff.



Thankfully, the expense of matting is usually when a dog's robe expands for a very long time in winter. But you knew a dog would be as cold with long matt fur as if rasped? Mats provide moisture on the skin that is not only cold but also provides a bacterial-friendly climate. It makes the dog excessively itchy and irritable, Matting is too incredibly painful. Through the growth of a long coat, you must note that protecting your dog's skin and hair is always important in order to ensure its wellbeing.



You may want to look for alternative ways to exert your dog mostly during winter if they are vulnerable to weight gain instead of cutting your dog's calories. Perhaps they should play indoor games or take them a few days a week to a doggy daycare where they can play indoor games. Fitness is part and parcel, but do not neglect this vital component of doggy care.



The only protection against blistering cold is your dog's coat during the winter. The hair of a dog will be influenced by its diet adversely. They will become thinly or dry whether they have food allergies or intolerance. If the coat of your dog is not safe and bright, you may want to have it taken for an allergy test to the doctor


Finally, it is important that daily cleaning are continued throughout the winter season. Many groomers prescribe a daily brushing at home every 4-6 weeks. Your groomer will keep your dog’s long winter coat, skin, paws and general cleaning fitness during the winter months on a daily basis. So take care of your dog’s health, stay safe, stay healthy. 

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