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7 Grooming Tools Groomers Wish they Discovered Sooner

We all become set in our ways sometimes. Newbie groomers and seasoned groomers alike, and we don't even realize there's an easier, more effective method to get the grooming done. We've known for a long time that working smarter rather than harder saves not only time but also money. Why not make tweaks to our traditional processes to allow for more efficiency and progress? If you want to up your game too, take a look at these 7 grooming tools that Groomers swear by:


1. Super Dry Absorption Towels



These Super Dry Absorption Towels from Aeolus are a fantastic product.

It not only cuts drying time in half, but is also light and easy on your washing machine! It's durable and long-lasting because it's double-layered with an inner lining. This material, which is made of heavyweight non-woven viscose, can absorb up to 10 times its weight in liquid!


2. Grooming Hammock 



Grooming Hammocks can be used to hold and secure a challenging dog, making it easier to trim their nails, legs, and in between their paws. This will help you groom them properly by limiting their movement while you do your magic. The soft and comfortable material hugs your pet and firmly supports their weight so yo don’t have to worry about anything!


3. Dematting Spray



Dematting Sprays are something groomers wish they had known about sooner. Hydra’s Ultra Dematting & Finishing Spray not only helps with mat removal and facilitates easy detangling and brushing, but also has a superb scent and moisturizing quality to keep coats looking bright, silky, and smelling terrific! This solution's unique Anti-Static characteristics prevent frizz, while the Oil-Free, Zero-Weight formula promotes a soft, sleek coat finish.


4. Dematting Rake



If you want to reduce shedding, Coat Rakes are the best option. Because of the way the blades dig into the undercoat, they effectively remove dead hair and knots. Definitely a must-have for making grooming more satisfying and simple.


5. Slicker Brush


This Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush from Andis is a great brush for grooming your dog because it readily eliminates knots and debris. The self-cleaning button is an amazing time-saving feature, which when pressed, eliminates trapped hair easily. It's a great tool for grooming your dog because it readily eliminates knots and grime. The self-cleaning button, when pressed, eliminates dog hair from the brush.

You'll experience 90 percent less shedding if you use these high-quality self-cleaning slicker brushes on a regular basis.


6. Happy Hoodie

The sensitivity to noise of each pet varies. Many pets are terrified of vacuum cleaners or become terrified and flee when they hear the whirring of machines. 

Toenail clipping, bathing, drying, paw handling, and vet tests can all make pets anxious, terrified, or irritable. Happy Hoodie's relaxing impact can help to reduce anxiety linked with these potentially trying conditions.

Some pets have chronic ear infections or constant damp, itchy ear canals. The Happy Hoodie is ideal for keeping the ears up and allowing aeration of the ear canal too!


7. Fur Care Glove



Trixie Fur Care Glove is made of soft mesh material and is the most convenient way to groom young pets and pets with sensitive skin. You can pet them while wearing this glove, and it will help in delicately detangling their coat. Its gentle bristles can remove loose and dead hair while massaging the coat. It can also aid in the stimulation of blood flow, resulting in a healthy and lustrous coat.


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