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Grooming Anxiety? How To Keep Your Pet Calm

Grooming may be a difficult experience for some pets, and while some of them enjoy being pampered, grooming can be a frustrating process for others. 

Keeping them calm is necessary for several reasons: first, you don't want your pet to hurt themselves or attack the groomer; second, grooming a difficult pet may cost more and take longer at salons; and third, Pets that are calm and secure are happy and easier to work on. 

With that in consideration, this blog will show you ways to soothe a pet while grooming, making the process less distressing for your dog both at the salon and at home.


Start Small


Pic Credit: Freepik

If you know your dog is anxious about grooming, attempt to arrange its visit so that it is for as little time as possible. Allow time for them to get used to these grooming visits or grooming experiences.


Be Sensitive to their Sensitivities 


Pic Credit: Freepik

Because most dogs dislike loud noises, gradually introduce noisy items such as the hairdryer and clippers. To help in this, you can invest in a Happy Hoodie

The calming effect of a Happy Hoodie can help alleviate anxiety associated with these potentially upsetting situations. Waiting in a cage might cause some pets to become anxious. Make sure they have a nice cushion, blanket, or towel to lie on while they're in the cage. Cover it partially so they don't have to watch others get groomed. 


Keep them Secure



Put your pet in a Grooming Hammock to make grooming smoother for you. This will help you groom them better by limiting their mobility and holding them securely and gently. You can also use it to easily cut their nails and trim their fur without fuss. Plus, it will also allow you to have both hands free!


Play some Relaxing Music.


Pic Credit: Unsplash

Playing classical music has been known to help soothe tense pets; you could also try calming sounds like a trickling stream or chirping. While it might seem an unlikely thing, if your pet is apprehensive, take a chance.


Taking Breaks 


Pic Credit: Freepik

be a good idea to keep the pet from getting anxious. During these breaks, allow them to stretch their legs, and offer them a massage or a treat in between procedures. Such positive reinforcement will make the pet more likely to be ready for the next procedure.


Minimize Loud Sounds 


Pic Credit: Freepik

Even calm pets can be alarmed by the sound of a high-velocity dryer. If you're working with a pet who is frightened by the dryer, set it to "low," and try drying the pet in your lap if it's possible. It's a smart option to have a very quiet dryer on hand to dry those sound-sensitive pets. Again, using a Happy Hoodie here will be really beneficially calming.

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