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Ideas For Summer Fun With Your Dog

Some of us prefer the winter, while others enjoy the rain, yet summer shines brighter than any other season. Even if this isn't the weather you and your dog were hoping for, isn't it better to make it extra special than to let it pass you by?

Now that a lot of the restrictions have been lifted it's the ideal time for you and your furry friend to explore what you haven't already. We've got some ideas for activities that will earn you not just brownie points with your dog but a summer full of beautiful memories as well!

  • Kiddie Pool:


pic credit: Pixabay

Summers can get so hot and unbearable for our pets, too. Just like we love our cold showers and pools, dogs love them too! This summer, have a pet pool party and invite other pet parents too. It won’t just keep them cool; it’ll keep them active and happy! Being the only pooch at home can get lonely too, so your dog will love the company and play with other pet dogs. Your pup will definitely thank you!

  • Enjoy a Picnic:


pic credit: Unsplash

For this amazing activity, you don’t even have to drive to a destination if you have a backyard with enough shade. A blanket, a basket of yum-yums, and a frisbee are about all you need to make their day. And if you don’t have a good enough spot at home, parks are an amazing alternative! Play with them and enjoy your food, and they will enjoy theirs. In the shade with your cool bud, you’ll be making some really fond memories.

  • Ice-Cream Treats:


 pic credit: Unsplash

Isn’t ice cream the first thing that comes to mind when we think of summer? Why not share this delightful treat with your furry friend? Dog-friendly ice creams are gaining popularity, and many ice cream parlors now offer them. Treat your dog to some ice cream on a sunny day and watch them savor their favorite flavors. They'll forever associate summer with this sweet treat.

  • Go Camping:


 pic credit: Unsplash  

A night under the stars and a tent—that's what's missing from your long summer. Let them snuggle next to you in the tent, and maybe light a safe campfire to get the feel! If you’re lucky, you and your pal might get to see magical fireflies. A trip like this is bound to make your dog happy for a long time, and don’t tell me it isn’t Instagram-worthy!

  • Dog-Shows:


 pic credit: Unsplash  

If there are any local dog shows or contests coming up, try exposing your own pooch to them. You'd be surprised how much they love the training and exercise they get while preparing for it. And they don’t have to be a contestant; they can just be in the audience cheering on other pets and having a great time! Don’t forget the extra bonding it will bring about. It won't just keep them happy; it will keep them healthy as well.

  • Go Someplace New:



 pic credit: Unsplash  

Why not take your dog on a day trip? Some dogs are more active than others, so stick to a course you know they can handle. You know your pet best, so you’ll know what to expose them to. If they’re shy, go to a quiet place and if they love the attention, take them to a pet-friendly place where they’ll definitely be doted on. Take them to a new city, a foreign country, or even a local amusement park to keep them entertained and excited!


  • Take A Fishing Trip:




pic credit: Unsplash   

A shady day of fishing fun will be perfect for dogs who love the great outdoors. Your dog will love the splash and thrill of catching a fish. It’s a quiet activity, so make sure your dog's barking doesn’t scare the fish away. But make sure your dog gets ample shade and cool water. Keep bug repellent suitable for pets close to you and someone to keep an eye on them.

  • Indoor Summer Activities (Your Best Fiend):



pic credit: Unsplash  

It can often be too hot to go outdoors, and extreme heat can be problematic for dogs. Indoor activities, like the games you play on wet and windy days, adapt themselves perfectly to warmer climates. This means you can do those activities in the summer. Tricks for treats, dog puzzle games, and movie nights are perfect examples of these activities. These indoor activities are perfect for leisurely summer days when it's too hot to venture outside.

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