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2nd National Dog Grooming Competition

2nd National Dog Grooming competition

The second national dog grooming competition in India was a very successful event. The event was embraced with educational seminars and dog grooming competitions. 32 participants from all over India, with their big and small, goofy and gooey dogs, took part in the competition arena.

Prizes worth 15 lacs were given to us. Each participant was rewarded with a gift hamper worth $20,000 and certificates of participation. Dog goodie bags were also handed out with a dog appreciation certificate.

Judges Tammy Colbert and Karla Addington Smith flew all the way from the US to give tips and procedures and evaluate the participant’s dog very attentively. They also gave an educational seminar on model dogs to improve their speed and learn new techniques to groom them. The seminar was the most highlighted part of the event. We learned quite a lot and got the opportunity to clarify our doubts with certified master groomers.

It was a blissful event, and we will keep doing many more of these in the future.


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