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Best Pet Grooming Equipment to Start a Pet Grooming Business

Are you interested in starting your own dog grooming business? What makes it so appealing is that you only need a small selection of equipment to begin. We know it can seem like a tough job, but we’re here to help you through the tough big decisions. The following is a list of the things to get for your business, as well as advice on how to choose the right equipment for your salon.


Pet Grooming Table


Pic credit: Pexels 

You must always ensure the safety of the pet while you work with a dog grooming table, regardless of what you choose. Grooming tables with holding frames and support straps make it considerably easier to groom difficult pets. Another option is electric grooming tables, which are a good investment for a dog grooming business since they allow pets of all sizes to get on and off very comfortablyly. 

There are 3 kinds of pet grooming tables for you to choose from:

  • Foldable Pet Grooming Table: If you run a mobile pet grooming business or have limited space in your salon or home, try implementing folding grooming tables. These tables are great for keeping your setup flexible and come in various dimensions and heights, including height adjustable editions for serving a diverse customer base.


  • Hydraulic Pet Grooming Table: A hydraulic pump is used in these tables to automatically reconfigure the height level. Hydraulic grooming tables for dogs have special features that keep your dogs from fleeing or falling (e.g. non-skid surface top, H-arm, etc). These tables are suitable for both home and salon use, but professional groomers prefer them.


  • Electric Pet Grooming Table: Electric tables, as the term suggests, require electricity to function. The height can be adjusted in these tables as well. Unlike hydraulic tables, an electric table can be easily lowered to the floor, then the pet can step on it, and finally, the table can be raised to working height.

    People, often novice groomers get confused and can’t decide between an Electric and Hydraulic Pet Grooming Table. Height can be elevated in both tables; however, in hydraulic tables, it is done 'pump by pump' rather than all at once. Even so, when lowering the table, both tables do so in a smooth movement. Both tables are popular among professional groomers, but electric tables are more prevalent than hydraulic tables.


    Pet Grooming Clippers


    Pic credit: Pexels 

    It's extremely important to have a nice pair of dog grooming clippers with a selection of blade lengths. It is crucial that you don't compromise on your clippers because they will be your primary grooming tool. 

    While cordless ones are more portable, corded models are less expensive and more dependable, and you won't worry about running out of battery.

    In terms of speed, clippers are available in 1-speed, 2-speed, and 5-speed variants:

    1.Single-Speed Clippers: These clippers are light and go slower. These are most suitable for small dogs with short coats and smaller grooming sessions. 

    2.Double-Speed Clippers: They cut thick coats and tangles in matted fur more effectively. They are less likely to heat up, hence not putting your dog's skin at risk. This also erases the need to own multiple clippers for separate functions and switch clippers in the middle of grooming. 

    3.5-speed Clippers: This variant has 5 different speeds and is loved by grooming professionals. The lower speeds are best suited for clipping around sensitive parts, while the higher speeds provide a classier coat finish. This clipper helps make clipping very bulky coats smoothly. 

    When buying blades for your clippers, it’s important to know which ones to buy. These blades come in two variants, 

    1. CeramicEdge
    2. UltraEdge

    UltraEdge blades are reliable and long-lasting. These blades are chrome-plated to keep them sharp and prevent corrosion. CeramicEdge blades run cooler and last longer than steel. CeramicEdge blades are ideal for groomers who perform a substantial amount of cuts.

    Blade Care:

    In addition to the clippers and blades, you will also need a cleaning oil spray for the clippers to keep them hygienic between pets and to cool down the blades. An investment in a specialized spray will prolong the life of your clippers and safeguard your purchase. 


    Pet Grooming Brushes and Pet Grooming Combs


    Pic credit: Pexels

    You will have a much easier time grooming the pet if you use the proper brush, comb, and tools. You'll want to expand your offerings as your business grows. However, for the time being, we recommend that you use:


    Bristle brushes: They are ideal for puppies and dogs with lighter coats. They aid in the removal of dead fur, tangles, and knots. It's ideal for grooming around the face, ears, and other sensitive areas, and it draws the coat's oils to the surface for a healthy shine.

    Pin brushes: They are commonly used on pets with thick or medium coats, but they can also be used on pets with mixed coat lengths or textures.

    Slicker brushes: They can be used all over the body or for knot reduction and undercoat removal. It can even be used to remove stuck or dead fur which if not brushed, can cause knots.

    Combs: The result of a comb is determined by its teeth. The spacing between the teeth can be fine or wide, specifying its purpose. Combs are used for lifting coats, inspecting for even ends, and eliminating light tangles or flea and ticks.

    Rake: The rake's comb is shaped like a T and is used to remove dead hair and tangles. Rakes are largely used on double-coat or heavy coats, and their T-shaped teeth are set together to effectively remove undercoats.

    Deshedder: A De-shedder is an undercoat grooming tool that can be used on all types of coats, from non-shed to high-shed. It's used on thick-coated dogs to get rid of trapped or dead fur that could later cause mats. When used on high-shed coat types, de-shedding can be reduced by up to 90%.

    De-matting rake: A de-matting rake has heavy-duty stainless-steel blades that cut mats and remove clumps and tangles almost instantly, making the rest of the grooming tasks smooth like butter.


    Pet Grooming Shears


    Pic credit: Pexels 

    To be able to work with a wide variety of breeds and get a good cut all over, multiple scissor sizes are required. To aid you in getting started, here are some of the most commonly used dog grooming shears:


    Nail Clippers for Pet Grooming


    Pic credit: Pexels 

    We recommend having two sizes of dog nail clippers: one large and one small. Smaller ones are best known for puppies and small to medium dogs, while large ones are similar to scissors and are excellent for larger dogs. And there's also the option of deciding to buy a nail grinder! Here’s a little help from us to lead you to the best nail clippers and grinders. 


    Pet Bath and Pet Hair Dryer 



    Pic credit: Unsplash

    Choosing a dog bath that suits your needs and the pet's needs is important. It is possible to select from a variety of baths available, and what's ideal for you can be different from that of other groomers, so make sure you pick carefully.
    A pet hair dryer suitable to your budget and needs and plenty of towels is also necessary. Here are some specifications and features of pet grooming dryers to help you decide which one best meets your business’ needs:

    Stand and Wall Mount Pet Grooming Dryers: Because they save so much room, these dryers are a popular product in grooming salons. These are designed especially for salons with space constraints and for mobile pet grooming salons. Most loved by such groomers, these are a highly successful category. 

    • Stand and Wall Mount Pet Grooming Dryers: Because they save so much room, these dryers are a popular product in grooming salons. These are designed especially for salons with space constraints and for mobile pet grooming salons. Most loved by such groomers, these are a highly successful category. 
    • Portable Pet Grooming Dryer: The dryer is equipped with a shoulder strap that allows it to be carried like a shoulder bag. These are ideal for pet groomers who provide door-to-door services and groomers participating in exhibitions and shows because they are lightweight and very easy to handle.
    • Professional Pet Grooming Dryer: These dryers come in a single and double motor variety. These are equipped with very powerful motors which make the drying process not just easy, but fast too. Most popular pet grooming dryers among professionals, these dryers have variable heat and power controls to regulate and customize every grooming session. 


      1. Heating element: Especially useful when drying pets in winter, this feature helps generate a high volume of regulated warm air that blasts water from coats without overheating them.

      2. Blasting element: This element can be considered while making your purchase because the best professional pet grooming dryers come with a blasting element as well as a heating element. 

      Make sure you have plenty of super-absorbent towels on hand as well, so you don't run out in between washes!


      Pet Shampoo


      Pic credit: Unsplash

      A quality all-around dog shampoo is essential. There are so many out there in the market but you need the best so you can boost business and keep customers happy and coming. You should buy a large bottle because you will definitely use a lot of it. 

      Depending on your and your pet’s needs, you might prefer an Organic Pet Shampoo with 100% natural ingredients like The Bio-Groom Range of Pet Shampoos.

      Some pet parents love a more luxurious, fragrant, and fancy shampoo for their pets’ grooming sessions at times.

      For such pet parents, groomers swear by The Hydra Range of Pet Shampoos. A premium range loved by pets worldwide, it has so many options to choose from. 

      And just in case, you should always keep sensitive skin shampoo, medicated, and anti-flea shampoos on your shelf. 


      Grooming Wear for You


      Pic credit: Unsplash

      Because you'll be covered with fur, wearing appropriate gear helps to guarantee your quality while also making you appear more professional. Since pet grooming is a grueling task that involves a lot of mess, a professional will need apparel to save them from the trouble of changing after every shift. The best grooming apparel must be made of nylon and must be lightweight and quick-drying. It must also be waterproof, as the grooming process can be quite messy and their actual clothes can get ruined if they don’t wear proper apparel. 

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