Recent Trends in Pet Grooming Industry

by ABK Grooming

Trends in pet grooming industry:

We have seen the transition of pets being just a companion to family members and now more than that they are as important as biological children to every pet parent. The millennial generation themselves is so focused on self-care and the new ways of pampering, they don’t think twice while spending on it and definitely want their pets to experience the same relaxation and pleasure. However, the pandemic ignited this trend. While spending most of their time with pets, the pet parents are now fully aware of the benefits of good grooming and how it supports the pet’s health and makes them more pleasant to be around.

Trends in pet grooming 2023:, No.1 pet grooming supplies

Being emotionally attached to their fur babies pet parents are now showing more interest in organic products and consciously want to keep their pets away from the harm of harsh chemicals and their impact in long run. The results are; now the industry is booming with the natural and organic range of shampoo and bathing products infused with Oatmeal, Aloe-vera, and essential oils. We have a range of natural dog shampoos from Bio groom, Natural Scents, and Hydra Mega-amazon. All these top brands of shampoos are highly preferred by professionals and pro-groomers to bathe their four-legged clients at salons.  

Pet grooming trends 2023; abkgrooming,com

Gone are the days when dog coats are dried with towels, as the industry is growing and pet parents are lining up with appointments at ‘Pet salons’, these fur babies are dried with hi-tech coat dryers and blowers to save time and achieve that professional perfect look. Our best-selling Pro Pet Dryers’ of Aeolus, Double-K, and Metrovac are every pet professional and pet parent’s favourite with easy maintenance at a reasonable price.  

Creative Grooming like trends in pet grooming industry;

Dog grooming is no more restricted to good health and hygiene but pet fanatics are eager to try new styles and looks and one of them is creative grooming. Frankly speaking, colouring pets is not a modern-day practice but it has been around since the stone age. Want to know more about creative grooming? Read our blog on What is creative grooming? This trend of dyeing and colouring dog coats is now highly trending among Instagram and tik-tokers. Check out our Opawz’s range of pet dyes and colours, they are safe and easy to use try them now!

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The other most trending dog grooming ritual is the ‘Pet Spa’. It is more focused on holistic grooming than just perfect looks and styles that affect the pet’s overall health. It not just calms anxious dogs but nurtures their skin and coat with effective massage, deep conditioning, and facials. Hydra being the No.1 pet bathing shampoo in India has a range of SPA kits. Professionals and pet parents are highly admiring the Hydra pet bathing range in India because of its salon-grade quality ingredients and high-performing professional results.

Pet Spa, Creative Grooming like trends in pet grooming;

These are a few of the trends but as the pet grooming industry is prospering, the proximity between humans and pets will be directly proportional to the innovative and new ways of pet pampering and the products. The other few trending pet grooming practices are Aroma therapy, CDB, Protein infused products, Nail art, and care of pets, breed-specific grooming. The growth will not be restricted just to the products and services for pets but it will surely influence all arenas inclusively.