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“We believe everyone is a Winner”

Everyone’s winner for ABK and we just didn’t say this for tenderness. All the 32 Participants got a Goodie Bag worth Rs. 20000 along with the participation certificate signed by the judges Tammy Colbert and Karla Addington-Smith. We also gave Medals and certificates to all the beautiful and goofy dogs for their active participation along with the goodie bag as they were the actual participant for us who were struggling with groomers to get best out of them.

Goodie bags for dogs

Prizes worth 15 Lacs were given away from ABK. Competition was so edgy and top knot that the judges took almost an hour to decide the winners. Everyone was so tensed as what will happen, who will be the winner. Participants gave each other such a tough competition that even judges could see the enthusiasm in the air.

Prizes for the Grooming competition

Judging started from the pre-grooming session. The factors on which the participants were judged were if dog is bathed properly, ears are cleaned, nails are trimmed and above all of that, it was seen if the dog has any infection. After all the audit, a before photo was clicked and table no. was assigned to each participant by the judges.

Rules of the competition were reminded and it seemed like everyone was well prepared. Everyone was ready with their clipper and a comb in their hand just waiting for the words “The Competition begins now”. After everyone went to their table, judges came and took a quick check of each dog. The competition was of 2:30 Hours with a 15 minute of Jonny Break.

Interview of the contestants

The competition started and while interviewing the groomers it felt like they know exactly what they have to go for very clearly. The participants shared their experiences with us and we found that there were participants with the age of 19 till the age of 40. We also got in knowledge that there were toddlers with the experience of 3 months participating at such a big platform adjoining this wonderful experience in their journey. There were participants with the experience of over 15 years and then with the experience of 3 months competing to win a whooping prize of around 5 lacs.

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