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Why is Hydra one of the most chosen pet shampoo in India?

Hydra pet shampoo and conditioners

‘Shine Bright with Hydra’ with such a great tagline. Hydra really gives a makeover to every pet who gets bathed with Hydra. With the salon-grade formula and aroma it has become every professional’s favourite and most preferred pet shampoo & conditioner brand, around the globe and India is not exception.

What makes Hydra an expert brand and an individual's favourite?

Here are a few reasons why Hydra has become so popular in the dog grooming industry.

  1. Hydra products are made by groomers by keeping the problems faced by groomers at the center. That is one of the reasons why the shampooing results turn out to be excellent.
  2. Infused with a salon-grade professional formula to derive super amazing results on every type of pet’s coat care. The rich aroma lingers on the coat for days and makes your furry boo more cuddly.
  3. Value for money, Hydra shampoos are concentrated in nature and need to be diluted before use which makes choosing Hydra the win-win preference. 

Hydra pet shampoo & conditioner: ABK

Let us introduce you to the range of Hydra products

  1. Pet shampoo and conditioner
  2. Professional SPA range
  3. Colognes, de-matting spray & more

Hydra pet shampoo and conditioners are specially formulated to thoroughly enhance every kind of dog fur and bring the best out of it. The Hydra range is known for quality and luxury features created exclusively for groomers and handlers to give an absolute luxury experience to your pets. 

We believe Hydra should be every pet's partner when it comes to bathing and grooming to make your pets shine bright with Hydra.

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