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ABK Guide: Choose the Best Pet Grooming Table For You!

A professional groomer will tell you how essential grooming tables are for their daily routine. Without one, groomers are bound to have a difficult time doing their jobs. Selecting the right grooming table that suits your specific needs is important because they come in a number of configurations.

Let’s take a look at what are the key aspects to consider and understand before getting a grooming table for your pet salons and spas. A grooming table is a major investment as it has a direct impact on a salon’s growth. Plus every groomer has their own way grooming pets so they will require something that fits their style of work for a very long time.

Grooming table


Pets, especially dogs, can be large and heavy, sometimes upwards of 100 kilos. You need to choose the correct grooming table capable of sustaining the weight of the breeds you’ll be working with. Of course, you also need to consider the actual space where the grooming table will be placed. 

Ease of Maintenance

Maintenance tends to be the most frequent in pet grooming salons since it is critical to maintain proper hygiene for pets. That means grooming tables need to allow for faster cleaning after every use. Grooming tables with smooth edges and removable parts are generally easier to clean. Easy cleaning means being able to groom more pets


This is an especially useful feature for professional pet groomers who provide door to door service and also on spot grooming during competition events.There exists portable grooming tables which can be loaded in vehicles and can be easily set up. It is a good idea to choose a table according to how much you are able to carry on call trips or how big your dogs are in case they are in a competition.


Grooming tables are built for a specific purpose i.e.,being able to groom animals comfortably. But that’s not what they need to be limited to. Features like a power socket, usb connectivity, some hooks and cubby holes enhances usability of grooming tables. You will find a vast range of features on grooming tables so there is a lot of research on your end to find a grooming table that suits you.


It goes without saying safety is paramount in the pet grooming industry, both for pets and groomers. A lot of established manufacturers never compromise on the quality of their products. A safe grooming table can be one which has a stable base even with a heavy animal on it and has a sturdy restrain arm where pets can be leashed without worrying about them falling on the floor. Even ease of maintaining hygiene is safety feature in itself.


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