Clipper Maintenance For Pro Groomers

by Shopify API

It’s really important to form sure your clippers are in working order. By not maintaining the clippers properly could lose you money within the end of the day, from losing speed and making your grooming slower to having to exchange whole parts, including the motor, which may be expensive!

Here are some important clipper maintenance tips for professional Groomers. Thank us later!

Make sure your clipper is correctly cleaned daily. Remove all the hair from the blades and therefore the blade drive. you'll be able to do that with the supplied brush. If hair continues to build up during a clipper, it'll travel down inside the clipper and start to prevent the mechanism from working properly, making it slower or jamming it entirely.

Andis Clipper Oil: Clipper Maintenance For Pro Groomers:

Turn on the clipper before applying Andis Clipper OilThe oil will not penetrate the blades unless the blade attachments are moving. Apply 2- 4 drops of clipper oil to the tops and sides of the blade, paying special attention to the area in between the blades as that is the place that needs the oiling the most.

Andis Blade Care Plus Dip Jar: Clipper Maintenance For Pro Groomers:

 To clean your blade, remove the maximum amount of hair as can with the given brush then submerge the blade into Andis Blade Care Plus Dip Jar. Then wipe off well to make sure the blade doesn't rust. confirm your blade is oiled before storage. vitamin E enriched formula cools, deodorizes, lubricates, cleans, prevents rust is enriched with vitamin E and maybe a human and animal eco-safe formula. Dip any detachable blade within the jar to rinse away hair, build-up, and preservatives.

 Check for nicks, cuts, and other cable issues. Any issues could lead to an electrical shock, so it’s better to be safe!

Check the blade drive, hinge and lock weekly. You’ll need to take off the blade and therefore the drive cap, in some cases this may include the casing. confirm no parts are rusty, missing, or worn, that the blade is snapping on correctly if it's a snap-on mechanism.

Don’t forget your blades! confirm they aren’t rusty, have free movement of the blade without sticking, and don’t have broken teeth.

Ultraedge Super 2 Speed Burgandy: Clipper Maintenance For Pro Groomers:

Always have a spare clipper available just in case you've got a problem. You'll then use this one while you've got your usual clipper serviced! Check out Andis, UltraEdge Super 2-Speed Clipper, Burgundy. Perfect for all coats and breeds. Professional 2-speed clipper. Heavy duty 10 ft. cord. Extremely cool and quiet operation. Locking switch button - won't accidentally shut off. Shatter-proof housing. Maintenance-free - no oiling or greasing of internal parts needed. Detachable blades for straightforward changing and cleaning.