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How the Use of a Nail Grinder Can Keep Your Pet Out of Trouble

Trimming your dog’s nails can be tricky, especially if you are doing it by yourself at home. You have to be very careful while trimming your dog’s nails to avoid hurting them. If the fear of hurting your dog is keeping you from trimming your dog’s nails, then you may want to consider using a nail grinder instead of a clipper to trim your dog’s nails


A nail grinder is a grooming tool that uses high-speed grinders to gradually grind down your dog’s nails. They are a less stressful way to trim your dog’s nails.


1.      Avoids Injury:

Dogs’ nails are made up of two parts, the white nail and the ‘quick’ which is the pink area that contains the nerves and the blood vessels. When you use a clipper there could be a risk of trimming too close to the ‘quick’ which causes bleeding. Using a nail grinder can help prevent such injury as it gradually grinds down the length of your dog’s nail.

The Andis Cordless Pet Nail Grinder is the perfect cordless nail grinder with 2 speeds to have quick and pain-free nails done. 


2.      Good for Anxious Dogs:

Dogs are not comfortable getting their nails trimmed. If your dog has had a bad experience with clippers in the past and has been hurt, he might get anxious when you use a clipper to trim its nails. When you use a grinder, you can ensure that you avoid cutting the ‘quick’ area of the nail and prevent any injury to your dog.



3.      Easy to Handle:

If you are a new pet owner then you will find it easier to use a nail grinder for trimming your dog’s nails. When you use a nail clipper you have to be very careful while you trim your dog’s nails or else you may hurt your dog. Nail grinders are comparatively easier to handle and use.

Aeolus Pet Nail Grinder with Shaft Dremel is also an excellent choice for dogs and cats. It features a quick-change collet for easy changing of attachments and finger grooves with pyramid pattern makes it much more convenient to control. 

4.      Great for Thick Nails:

You may find it difficult to clip your dog’s nails with a clipper if they are too thick. In that case, the nail grinder is very helpful as it will grind down even thick nails.


5.      Smoother Nails:

A nail grinder gives a smooth edge to your dog’s nails. This helps your dog, as it prevents their nails from getting caught in carpets or other furniture. It will also help you, especially if your dog tends to jump up on you because smooth nails don’t cause as many scratches as compared to sharp nails.


These nail grinders have a long life, but to extend their life even more, there are affordable replacement accessory packs to rejuvenate that grinder instead of tossing it out and buying a new one.


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