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It is must to use a Sterilizer Box. Know why?

Why should you use a Sterilizer Box to clean your grooming tools?

  • Whether you are a professional pet groomer or groom your pet at home, cleaning your grooming tools should be your number one priority. If your grooming tools are not clean then it can spread certain diseases and allergens among the pets that you groom. When it comes to our pets, hygiene is the most important since germs and bacteria are all around us and it affects our pet’s health too. That is why you need to regularly clean your grooming tools.


  • Most of us use ordinary hot water and soap and some also use disinfectants to clean our grooming tools. But sometimes washing is not enough to kill off the germs and bacteria. That's why it is important to sterilize your grooming tools using a UV Sterilizer. Sterilization is the procedure of eliminating microorganisms and other bacteria from a certain object by subjecting it to radiation or immense heat.

sterilizer box for grooming tools

  • A Sterilizer box uses UV (ultraviolet) light to destroy germs, micro-organisms, bacteria, etc., without causing damage to your valuable grooming tools. That is why when you use a Sterilizer Box you can guarantee that your grooming tools will be completely free from any kind of germs. Sterilizer boxes are quick and easy to use which means minimum efforts are required from your end. You just have to place your grooming tools like scissors, combs, etc. inside the box and leave it.
  • ABK has two varieties of Sterilizer boxes, the other one is Single Compartment. 
  • After some time, your grooming tools are fresh, clean and as good as new. Some UV Sterilizer boxes come with a dual compartment so you can not only clean your tools but also store them inside the box.
  • You should definitely consider investing in a Sterilizer box to clean your grooming tools. It will not only make your pets feel safe and clean but will also keep illnesses at bay.
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