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Runner Cage Modular System

ABK Grooming adds a new category in its exclusive range of products, we are introducing Runner cage modular system. We have 3 cages of high class SUS304 stainless steel material which ensure an ultra-long service life of over 20 years. We have Stainless Steel Round cornered modular cage, Fiberglass modular cage and Stainless steel hybrid cage with us. You can place your orders NOW!!

Counting area measures of each cage and letting you decide which one suits your requirements.


Stainless Steel Round Corner Modular Cage

Top class SUS304 stainless steel material ensures an ultra-long service life over 20 years.

 Dog cages

  • Round cornered solid walls leave no blind corner for hygiene purpose, easy to be sterilized and maintained.
  • One hand operating door locking system makes it easy for you to carry a dog out and lock the door at the same time.
  • Strong front door made of 8mm and 6mm stainless steel rods makes sure relieved pet stay, with other options like transparent door for therapy purpose too.



The fiberglass unit constructed from smooth mold makes it strong, scratch-resistant, easy cleaning and brings a healthy living environment to animals.

 cages for vets and groomers

  • Easier to Clean, Less Labor Cost

5cm big radius round corners and fluid retaining lip make clean-up easier and allows for a much cleaner kennel environment. Do not need to move the waste tray out to clean in the traditional way just spraying water inside and let waste water run out from drainage, the cleaning works have not been so easy before. 


  • Sturdier, Longer Lasting, Durability

Constructed of 4-5mm thick high strength fiberglass material. The same thickness as Yacht body ensures very long lasting daily usage. Reinforcing strips have been added on each side, from the smooth finished mold, to ensure unbeatable strength.


  • Strong and Secure Door Locking System

Comes standard with dual point self-latching doors, the tiny tolerance between the vertical rod and latch opening means extremely quiet even dogs’ paw pad against the door. 8mm diameter frame, 6mm vertical rods and 8mm cross members; all of them create a safe bank of cages.


  • More Functional, A Complete Working Station

Pre-installed spray head and hose, drainage with filter and power supply socket, make it not merely a cage but a multi-functional working station.

Anesthesia machine, oxygen machine, heating panel, etc.; all electric appliance could be plugged into the power sockets and hung up to horizontal rods in the middle of the door. Could also attach a curtain onto the front door by the U shape bends to keep out of sunshine and turn it into a wind shelter.


  • More Versatile for Both Internal Room and Outside Combination

3 different sizes present several configurations, 2L+4M+5S, 1L+4M, 2L+10S, etc.

Each cage could be divided into two compartments, upside and downside, thus the double-deck cage could contain more small breeds or puppies when needed. Also special resting shelves available for cats and small animals. 


  • Ample Customizing Choice

Floor grate, waste tray, middle grid as central divider, 1/4 grid rest shelf, transparent door with thermometer and hygrometer, cloth curtain, roller bases for each size, wire pipe and water pipe in different length, elbow and T connectors, etc.

All the extra accessories make the cage even more functional and useful for applications.



Cage bank boasts single handed, double-point locks and narrowly spaced wired at the latch area, preventing pets from opening the latch with their paws. This professional modular cage system includes everything you need (pans, grates and cage connectors) to build a kennel area unique to your space and needs.


  • Door unit is made of SUS304 stainless steel and other parts are made of SUS201 Stainless steel.
  • Classic single-hand double-point lock.
  • Dividable Large-size cage unit (divided into 2 medium-size cage units).
  • Finer and narrower spaced wires at latch area (preventing pets from opening the latch by extending their paws).
  • Plat packed, easy to reduce transportation costs.
  • Perfect design, quick installation and stable structure.
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