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Top 10 Best Dryers for your Pets

Dogs don’t like to get wet; it’s a fact! But between bathing, walking in the rain, and swimming for exercise purposes, It is tempting to use a human hair dryer on your fur baby, but the problem is that it is set too high or underpowered when it comes to drying a pooch, especially a large or thick-furred breed. What is the solution? Invest in towels or dog dryers to keep your pup dry.

Blow drying is the best option to get your dog’s fur completely dry in a short time. You could use the coolest setting on your pet with the human dryer, but without the power of a pet-specific dryer, you’re not going to see very impressive results. A dog dryer will make the process faster. If you dry your dog, you will be spending much time together, so that will help you develop a stronger bond with your pet. This can be important to the health of your dog and your well-being. We present you with the 10 best dog dryers for your pets. Thank us later!



Cyclone Dryer, pet dryer , pet hair dryer


Cyclone is one of the best single motor pet dryers available. It is a powerful, high-velocity dryer that blasts water from coats without damaging them with heat. The improved airflow system and lower flow friction force of the cyclone dryer have supported it to function at a highly energy-efficient ratio.


2. Aeolian Blaster Single Motor Pet Grooming Dryer


Aeolian Blaster Single Motor Pet Grooming Dryer, pet hair dryer, pet dryer


Aeolian Dryer is a single motor dryer that outperforms most dual motor dryers in the market. Its wind speed and blow force have to be experienced to be believed. This dryer is reshaping the industry for single motor pet dryers. It's also adaptable. Mount it on the wall or stand mount for efficient performance.


3. Hercules Double Motor Dryer

Hercules Double Motor Dryer, pet hair dryer, pet dryer 

The Hercules Double Motor Dryer outperforms every measured cyclone on the planet, allowing it the most powerful dual-motor pet dryer on the market. This dog dryer has the longest motor life span and Energy Savings technology. It has heat and power controls which are both variables.


4. Master Blaster® Variable Control Pet Dryer

Master Blaster® Variable Control Pet Dryer, pet hair dryer, pet dryer 

Metro® has so much capacity that its innovatively designed Air Force® Master Blaster® series lessens drying time by up to 75%. Easily flip the switch, and these two high-speed dog grooming dryers "blast" water off the wettest dogs more rapidly and easily. It is the most powerful dog drying machine on the market today. You'll be able to groom more dogs in less time, resulting in higher profits!


5. Quick Draw® Portable Pet Dryer

Quick Draw® Portable Pet Dryer, pet hair dryer, pet dryer


After an unexpected roll in the mud, grooming your dog with a dog drying machine doesn't have to take hours. You can rest easy knowing that your pet will be dry in minutes with the MetroVac Air Force® Quick Draw® Portable Pet Dryer!  The Air Force® Quick Draw® Dog Grooming Dryer has ten times the blowing power of a human hairdryer and is SAFE for all pets since it does not contain a hot element that might dry out their fur or burn their skin. In India, ABK Grooming offers the MetroVac dryer, which has the best power-to-weight ratio.


6. Artero Hulk Single Motor Dryer

Artero Hulk Single Motor Dryer, pet hair dryer, pet dryer 

Artero Hulk Single Motor Dryer is ideal for grooming salon of high performance, breeding, or exhibition. Possibility of regulating the airflow to 99 l/s by 2 levels. The heat is activated during 2 levels. A one-meter-long expandable tube expands to 2.5 meters. It includes a two-nozzle kit for different types of drying.

7. Artero Predator Double Motor Dryer

Artero Predator Double Motor Dryer, pet hair dryer, pet dryer

Artero Predotor Double Motor Dryer  has a very powerful ejector and dryer with two motors designed for pets. This dryer is ideal for use as the primary dryer in a high-performance dog grooming salon or kennel. The extendable tube is one meter long when not in use and expands to 2.5 meters when in use. The predator comes with a set of three nozzles for various types of drying.

8. Shernbao Super Cyclone Single Motor Dryer 

Shernbao Super Cyclone Single Motor Dryer

 Shernbao's Super Cyclone has 30% more power than the Cyclone while remaining the same convenient size! This single motor blaster has an upgraded motor with a heating element to easily blast away water and hair. The heating element aids in super-soft drying and coat volume. It comes with a flexible hose and a variety of nozzles to suit various coat types. The hose is simple to remove thanks to the 'one-click' system. The filter is simple to remove and replace, making daily maintenance a breeze. Don’t let its little size fool you, this dryer packs some serious power! Excellent backup equipment for busy salons, competition, or beginning groomers or pet owners seeking professional results.

9. Shernbao Typhoon Dual Motor Force Dryer 


Shernbao Typhoon Dual Motor Force Dryer - Orange

Shernbao Typhoon Dual Motor Force Dryer is force dryer with two powerful motors. This force dryer features a variable speed that allows you to customize the airflow according to your dog's temperament and coat type. The heavy-duty shell will last for years in the salon. On the highest setting, it runs quietly at only 85dB. It comes with nozzles and a hose.


10. Marvell New Ionic Generation Dryer 



Marvell New Ionic Generation is one of the leading dryer for Pet grooming. It has a power capacity of 2200 W and a rated frequency of 50-60 Hz. This force drier has a variable speed, allowing you to tailor the airflow to your dog's temperament and coat type. It has a beautiful black color which looks stylish and gives a great choice for groomers.

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