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ABK’s Guide: Taking Care of Pets During Monsoon

Monsoon brings with it its own set of challenges if you have pets at home. Not only do daily walks go out of the window, monsoon can also be a bit troublesome for pets themselves. Even when its not raining and you go for a walk, your dog will collect some unpleasant dirt which during monsoon is bad.

Too much moisture is bad for pet’s fur as it can harbor fungal infections. Apart from that you need to keep an eye on their hygiene in general more often during monsoons compared to the rest of the year.

Here are a few effective ways:

Clean & Dry All The Time

Pet’s, whether, dogs, cats, hamsters, or birds, during monsoons it is imperative to keep them dry at all times. Fungal infections go to an all-time high in this season so it’s nice to give your pets a pat down with a towel every time you come back from outside, and also when they venture outside on their own.

Get some super absorption towels which can be reused and work amazing on pets’ fur. These towels can absorb more water than their own weight making them idea for quickly patting pets dry.

Bathing More Often Than Not

During monsoon it’s a great idea to increase the frequency of your pet’s bathing schedule. No matter how well you’ve dried your pets their skin and fur naturally contains moisture and fungal spores tend to be rampant during monsoon.

Tropiclean, Bio-Groom, Forbis & Trixie offer many shampoo options which contain anti-bacterial & anti-fungal properties. Bathing pets more regularly during monsoons reduces chances of fungal infections greatly.

Pristine Beds

Its no secret pets love to sleep throughout the day and they have their permanent place they know where to doze off. Just like we change out our beds with clean sheet, our pet need the same.

Img Source : Trixie

Whatever your pets sleeping arrangements it is important to keep them clean and fresh at all times. Wash them every time you think your pet’s bed’s getting dirty because it might be a potential infestation site. Trixie & Savic are two brands which make some brilliant pet accommodations.

Monsoon Wear

Invest in a dog raincoat. It’s okay to take a walk in a light drizzle than to not go out at all. Train your dog to be comfortable with it and use it only when required. You’ll find that Trixie has a line of doggie raincoats you’d like to check out.

Clean Water, Hygienic Food

A major potential health risk during monsoon is naturally food and water our pets consume. Make sure your pet’s food is stored hygienically and drinking water boiled before consumption. 

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