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Everything You Need About Pet Shampoos: A short Blog.

Our pets are a part of our family. A lot of people consider their pet to be their kid. We choose every product for them wisely. Then why do we compromise with shampoo? We don't pick any random shampoo for our hair. Then why do the same for our dogs?Along with food and accessories, your dog also needs timely grooming. The shampoo acts as a significant factor of your grooming process as it co-exists with the further steps of grooming like brushing, clipping nails, and so on.

Choosing shampoos according to your pet’s need

  • Itchy or dry skin

    Shampoos containing aloe vera, oatmeal, and essential nutrients like minerals, vitamins, and proteins bring back the lost shine and restore moisture. Choose soothing and natural products, as chemical-based products can cause permanent harm to your pet's skin. If the dog is allergic, strictly get non-allergic shampoo for him.
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  • Hair Shedding, Fleas, and Tick 

    Variety of Shampoos are available in the market for hair shedding, flea, and fleas, tick treatment. If the problem is severe, you can use a medicated shampoo. These shampoo tackle the problem for a long period of time and prevent infestation.
  • Types of coats and hair

    Every coat needs different care. Thus, you need to choose shampoo accordingly. It is essential to care for the coat, as it is a protective layer for our dogs too. Hence, maintaining it is crucial. If you wish to have better results on your dog’s coat, use shampoo as needed.
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  • Bathing

     Dogs under six months old should not be bathed with regular shampoos. A wide range of puppy shampoos are available; they are mild and composed of a no-tear formula, usually safe for puppies.
  • Studying products

    Before you get to use any shampoo, check for its description and reviews It is crucial to have a proper shampoo for our dogs. A bad shampoo can strip off the essential oils of the coat and ruin the texture of the coat.

You can always look for biodegradable shampoo if you are an ardent follower of natural products. You can use these shampoo on sensitive dogs to avoid further risk. If you don’t want to shampoo them every time, you can always wipe them with a pet wipe.  

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