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Living in a Heat Wave: Ways to Keep Pets Cool in Summers

Summer is upon us and it gets pretty hot in a lot of places. Some pets, especially native Indian ones are more than capable of handling the heat. Whereas some like exotic dog and cat breeds are best kept in really cool environments for their safety. But in either case, summers are generally uncomfortable for everybody and some relief is warranted.

With pets it’s hard to tell how uncomfortable they are until their health gets serious. We shouldn’t be waiting that long to see visible signs of their discomfort but instead do simple things like to make them comfortable. For starters don’t keep them outside, bring them in and allow them to rest under a fan, cooler or air conditioning and of course, keep plenty of water for them to drink. But luckily there’s more you can do to help pets enjoy a cool summer.

Frozen Treats

The easiest way by far. Chicken broth, peanut butter, baby food, cheese, wet dog and cat food are some of the things you can freeze overnight and give them to cats and dogs when the heat is at its highest.

Pet summer drinks/ dog beer

Img Courtesy : Woof & Brew

Watch them lick away their frozen treats while they cool off. But perhaps, what pets enjoy most is ice. Yes, fill a balloon with some water, keep it in the freezer, next day discard the balloon and keep the ice in your pet’s water bowl and watch them enjoy their chilled treat.

Special Accessories While Outdoors

A hot summer’s day is no excuse for not taking dogs out for some exercise. Naturally, physical strain will increase their body temperature which gets more uncomfortable. But dogs need their daily exercise.

Dog cooling bandana

Img Courtesy : Trixie

Thankfully, there are solutions. Like, especially made cooling bandanas and vests. Some of the best bandanas and vests are made by Trixie and they work really well in keeping dogs comfortably cool even when the sun’s at its prime. The way they work is simply by placing them in the freezer for some time until it cools down and using it when you go out for a walk.

Home Solutions 

The pet care industry is filled with products for pets for every scenario and every problem. At home you can get a cooling mat for pets. These are usually made with nylon or polyester which absorbs body heat away from pets’ bodies so even if there isn’t a cool spot in your home for your pet these mats will go a long way.

cooling mats for dogs

Img Courtesy : Trixie

A cooling mat is a passive way to help pets stay cool. For a more active and fun way get a pet pool. Cats generally detest water and might not want to swim but dogs will enjoy it a lot. If the heat gets too much dogs are more than willing to dip in the nearest pond.

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