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Monsoon is Here: Some Do's for your Pooches!

The monsoon season has started and it provides great relief from the heatwave. It’s an enjoyable time to take our pets for a long walk in this pleasant weather. However, this is also the time that we need to take extra care of our pet’s health since they are prone to health problems such as infections, itchy skin, water borne diseases etc. Here are some ways in which you can protect your pets this monsoon.

1.      Keep Your Pet Dry

If you want to take your pet for a walk when it’s raining then you should make sure that you dress them up in protective rain gear such as a dog raincoat before you venture out. This will keep your pet dry and prevent them from falling sick. If you do not have such protective gear and your dog gets wet in the rain, then make sure that you dry them well using a towel or a pet dryer. Doing so prevents them from developing skin rashes and infections.

 Pet dryer

2.      Protect the Paws

Your pets’ paws need to be protected against dirt and debris caused by rain to avoid them from falling ill. Make your dog wear protective boots/shoes that are available for dogs before you take them out for a walk in the rain. In case your dog is not comfortable with wearing shoes/boots then wash their paws thoroughly with warm water once you are back from the walk. Keep a lookout for any cuts or bruises on the paws and treat them immediately to prevent any infection from setting in.

 Paw protection

3.      Boil Drinking Water

Waterborne diseases are common during the monsoon season that’s why you should boil the drinking water before giving it to your dog to drink. This also helps to avoid any stomach illnesses which can be caused due to unclean water.


4.      Provide a Fibre-rich Diet

If pets do not get enough exercise or a proper diet then they can put on weight and also suffer from some stomach issues. Heavy rains may limit you from taking your dog for a walk outdoors to get exercise. Therefore, providing your pet with a fibre-rich diet will ensure proper digestion and also take care of his bowel movements in the absence of exercise.


 healthy dog food

5.      Keep Ears Dry

The monsoon season causes an increase in the moisture inside your dog’s ears which could lead to infections. You need to wipe any excess water from your pets’ ears and also clean off the ear wax which may cause infections.


6.      Keep a Lookout for Ticks and Fleas

You have to check your dogs’ ears and coat for ticks and fleas at all times but you need to do it more thoroughly during the rains. This is because these pests tend to take shelter in your dogs’ wet fur and can make your pet sick. Use anti-tick shampoos and collars to prevent these pests from creating a home in your pets’ fur. In case you find any ticks then immediately take your pet to the vet.

 Tick and fleas shampoo

7.      De-worm and Vaccinate your Pet

Monsoon season brings a lot of illnesses along so make sure that you take your pet to the vet for vaccinations before the monsoon season starts. Your pet may also suffer from worm trouble during the monsoon so consult a vet to know which de-worming tablet would best suit your pet.

Vets with the dog


8.      Make your Pet Feel Safe

Our pets’ get scared during the monsoon season especially when it is thundering and lightning. We should create a safe zone for them where they can run to and feel safe. It could be a specific corner of your house or even under your bed. Make sure that you fill up this space with his favorite toys so that he can snuggle up and feel safe whenever he is scared.

 Dog with his toy

Thanks for reading. Do follow these simple steps to keep your furry friend out of trouble during the monsoon season.

Photo credit: 09DMCPETPALS

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