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11 Indian Cricketers With Their Four-Legged Superstars

When Our Favourite Cricketers Play with their 'Fur-Balls'!

Cricket is mostly linked with rough & tough individuals, on the pitch rivalry, scoring centuries, taking stunning catches, diving around the field to stop runs. However, these tough cricketers have a soft and mushy side to them. Most of the Indian cricketers are fond of animals. 

The love dogs give their family members is unconditional. They are huge stressbusters and bring in immense joy and happiness to their human families. Being away from them is always heart-breaking, especially if they have to be left in a caretaker’s kennel or in someone’s care when the human family has to be away for a while. One can thus understand the plight of the modern cricketers who spend long stretches away from their home and their pet dogs.

Below are a few of the current crop of international cricketers – or their family – with their pet dogs.

MS DHONI: India’s cricket team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a self-proclaimed ‘absolute pet-lover’. Recently, Dhoni adopted a rescued stray puppy from the ‘Hope and Animal Trust’ in Ranchi adding to his companion’s list: a German shepherd, Sara, a Labrador called Zara and a Weimaraner named Zoya.

dhoni with his pets

Img source:

YUSUF PATHAN: Indian cricketer Yusuf Pathan has a lot of Pets, of which some are dogs, horses, cats, and parrots. He has a Farmhouse where he has diverse flora and fauna.

yusuf pathan and his pets

Img source:

VIRAT KOHLI: India Test captain Virat Kohli is known for his aggression and fearlessness on the field. However, off the field, he is an emotional and lovable person. His first ever pet was a Pomeranian, after that, he had a golden Labrador Retriever named Rico. Today, he shares his affection with Bruno, a Beagle.

virat kohli and his pet dog

Img source:

RAVINDRA JADEJA: Jadeja is one avid animal lover. He owns two horses and also has two dogs, a Rottweiler and a Pug.

ravindra jadeja and his pet

Img source:

ROHIT SHARMA: When Rohit doesn't play cricket, he plays with his cute puppy. Rohit is an absolute animal lover as he owns a dog and even he is now a PETA supporter also. Recently, Rohit’s wife Ritika Sajdeh has shared a pic of Rohit and his pet on her social networking site which clearly shows how much Rohit loves to spend some time with his pet.

rohit sharma and his pet

Img source:

SACHIN TENDULKAR: Throughout the Master Blaster’s career, it was never known to his fans that the Indian batsman is a dog lover. But when Tendulkar retired from One-day Internationals in December 2012, there were pictures posted by the legend himself which proved how much the icon loves his pets.

sachin tendulkar and his pet

Img source:

VIRENDER SEHWAG: Another star Indian batsman, Virender Sehwag makes most of his relaxing time with his pet dogs. He has once posted his photo with his dog, Nawab and wrote, “Everyone thinks they have the best dog and none of them are wrong”- Virender Sehwag.

 sehwag with pets

Img source: facebook

Apart from the above list, there are few more Indian cricketers:


gambhir with his pet dog

Image source: delhi times


raina and his pet dog

Img source:


Venkatesh prasad with his pet dog

Img source: dineandwinebangalore


 harbhajan and his pets

Img source: sportswallah

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