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4 Ways to Take a Perfect Picture with Your Pet

Capturing a great photo of your pet can sometimes seem about as likely as winning the lottery. Let’s try to change all that for you. We can’t make any promises on that winning a lottery ticket but will share some easy, full proof tips that will have you taking photos of your pets like a pro in no time.

1. Click where it’s Light

Light is one of the most important parts of any photo. Natural light is the best, whether you’re indoors or out.


  • Take advantage of natural light from windows and doors.
  • Position yourself so the light is either coming from behind you or from the side.
  • Diffused light or light coming in on a cloudy day is much more pleasing.

best pet photos


  • The light should be even. Avoid mixed lighting like partial shade underneath a tree where spots of sunlight shine through.

2. Sit Down & Stay with Patience

Some of the most beautiful and expressive photos of animals are those that connect you with their world. Get down to their level and you’ll be amazed at what you and your camera see. Try to get your camera at the same level as their eyes. Catching your cat high atop their cat furniture or looking down at your dog’s face as he’s wandering can make an interesting perspective as well.

Dog sitting on a mat

3. Choose an Astonishing Background

Before clicking the shutter button, take a look at the background. Remove any unnecessary clutter. It’s easy to become so focused on your pet that you completely miss the trash bag or some furniture hiding some good stuff in the photo. Avoid busy backgrounds, patterned upholstery and anything that will detract from your pet. When you’re outside, the same rules apply. The simpler and cleaner the background, the more your pet will become the centre of attention.

4. Be Focussed

With mobile phones, it’s easy to focus on the pet’s face. However, when using a DSLR, controlling your focus can become a little more challenging. Position the focus box directly over their eye. With cats, try to focus where the pupil meets the iris. With dogs, their eyes are typically darker, so shoot for the edge of their eye.

We would love to see your pet photos! Share them with us!


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