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6 Products to Keep Your Dog Clean Without a Bath

Bathing your dog is one of the most effective ways to keep them clean and fresh, but it’s not always practical. You might be wondering how to give a dog a waterless bath for a lot of reasons. Perhaps your dog had surgery, is pregnant, or has recently given birth. Many dogs despise baths and sometimes you just don’t have the time. Maybe it’s just too cold because of the freezing winters or the chilly monsoons and you just don’t want your pooch to fall sick. Monsoons are quickly approaching so you’ll want to know about dog care during monsoons

We understand where you're coming from. And luckily, there are some simple solutions on how to keep your dog clean without bathing them. Here are some of the best products to keep dogs clean/dog cleaning products without water: 

Waterless Bath Shampoo

Biogroom waterless pet bath shampoo:

This is the simplest and most impactful way to have a waterless dog bath. It’s a no-rinse dog shampoo for when bathing isn't an option.  Simply apply and wipe to dry for quick and easy cleaning. Bio-Groom Waterless Shampoo enhanced with optical brighteners highlights all-natural colors while adding intense luster to the coat. It gently cleans, eliminates stains, and is hugely helpful for touch-ups. It will have no effect on the coat's appearance. It's also tearless and alcohol-free! 


Groomer's Goop De-Greaser Cream

Groomer's goop dog degreaser:

Groomer's Goop de-greaser is carefully formulated to remove the toughest stains, ear wax, excessive grease, and the strongest odors without any water. It also helps whiten yellowing regions, making it one of the best products to keep dog coats neat & clean at home. Its enriched formula contains lanolin, glycerin, vitamin E, and aloe vera to treat your animal’s skin with a wholesome experience. It is safe to use every day. 

Pet Wipes

Petkin pet wipes: abkgrooming,com

These are a must-have for any dog parent, as they are convenient and portable. Here’s an amazing brand of wipes to try: Petkin Wipes. Each soft cloth wipe is saturated with a natural cleansing product free of sulfates and parabens, allowing you to keep your pet's coat clean and healthy while restoring hydration and suppleness. It's gentle enough to use around your pet's eyes, ears, face, and body every day.

Bio-Groom Coat Glosser/Spray

Biogroom tangle coat glosser pet spray:

Bio-Groom Spray-On Glosser is a non-oily, non-sticky, scientifically developed coat glosser that untangles matted hair and keeps it shiny without needing a bath. It maintains tangle-free, glossy coats that are easy to groom. Its one-of-a-kind formula repels dirt and avoids stains, making it the ideal choice.

Bio-Groom Super Foam Coat Dressing


Biogroom super foam spray for pets:


Super Foam Coat Dressing by Bio-Groom Enriched with Lanolin is the most friendly, cost-efficient, and safest coat dressing today. Lanolin helps to prevent skin and coat dryness. Just shake well, spray on lightly, and work into the undercoat. There are no harsh chemicals in this product.

Groomer's Goop Degreaser Liquid

Groomer's goop degreaser

Similar to the Groomer's Goop De-Greaser Cream in functionality, the liquid textured Groomer's Goop Degreaser is beloved by experts worldwide. Use this if you’re looking for cleaning products that are safe for dogs for everyday use. 

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