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ABK Grooming – A Professional Pet Groomers Best Friend

Hello pet lovers I’m sure you enjoyed reading about ABK Imports and now would love to know about ABK Grooming. We have started something new and exciting for the professional pet groomers called ABK Grooming.

Why did we start ABK Grooming?

When you own a pet, you constantly strive to give them nothing but the best at all times. Being pet parents and pet lovers ourselves, we know how important it is to take good care of our pets. We love to pamper them with the best of everything be it pet food, treats, toys and other pet products. We also know that our pets need to be groomed frequently and rely on professional groomers to give the best to our pets. We would expect nothing but the best quality products to be used on our pets by the professional groomers.

After interacting with various professional pet groomers, we came to know that they were not able to find some of the good quality branded pet products in the local markets to use in their salons. They had no choice but to use sub-standard products at their pet grooming salons. We believe that there should never be a compromise on quality when it comes to our pets. We care for our pet professional customers and wanted to help them out by making high quality pet products easily accessible to them. We also wanted to close the gap between the products that were being offered in the local markets versus what was available in the international markets. That is why we decided to start ABK Grooming.

Mission of ABK Grooming

Our mission at ABK Grooming is to empower the professional pet groomers/ pet care givers. We are constantly spreading awareness as well as the benefits of using branded grooming products amongst the professional pet groomers. By using good quality branded products at their salons, professional pet groomers are able to upgrade themselves from simple pet grooming businesses to high-end pet care salons. Through ABK Grooming we are able to offer a vast range of high-quality branded products from top international brands such as Andis, Bio-Groom, Aeolus, Metrovac, Tropiclean, etc. to pet professional customers which enable them to provide the best services at their pet grooming salons.

As a professional pet groomer, you can always rely on us to give you the best quality products like clippers, trimmers, dog dryers, bath tubs, salon accessories etc. which will help you to run your grooming business without any hassles. Our products are not only of the best quality but are also of reasonable cost and are delivered as quickly as possible.

We have a highly motivated team and a dedicated customer service who ensure the smooth running of ABK Grooming. ABK Grooming has successfully contributed to the growth of ABK Imports and we can proudly claim ourselves as the largest importers for pet products in India.

At ABK we believe that we are happy when our customers are happy. By giving the best products we not only make pet professionals happy but also make the pet parents and pets happy.

I hope you enjoyed reading about ABK Grooming - your one stop shop for the best pet grooming products.

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