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Best Shear Brands for Pet Groomers: A Must-Have List

As a groomer, you often want to get the best shears of reputed brands out there. Brands that provide comfort, sharp durable blades and come in versatile sizes and colors. We have made this tedious task easier for you. We have gathered the information to make sure that you don’t miss out on any trends. 

Choosing shears from a reputable company eases the stress of finding the right product. We have compiled reputed brands that have not only been in the market for years but have been supplying products with quality all across the globe. Here’s the list of brands that supply well-made and amazing shears so your grooming sessions never stop.

  • Geib Buttercut
  • They have been in business since 1976 with Edward Geib who devoted his time and skills to gathering like-minded peers to provide the best service to your four-legged friends. The company supplies shears of all kinds from straight to blenders along with texturizers to combs. They also provide blades made of stainless steel to Ceramic that withstand the long hours of grooming.  Gator and Entrėe are the most popular lines from Geib Buttercut that sell shears of top-notch quality. 

  • Gator Shear 3 Piece Grooming Kit
  • While supplying durable and reliable shears, Geib also provides grooming shear kits that have a set that will fulfill all the scissoring needs of the groomer. In this 3 piece kit, Gator provides straight, curved, and  40-teeth blender shears for an all-in-one combo. The double screw tension produces smooth scissoring. An easy tool for groomers who travel around the world with their furry friends.

  • Entrée Stainless Steel Curved Shear
  • Entree curved shears are made of 440c Japanese stainless steel which snips through the long, tedious hours of grooming. It is corrosion-resistant and reliable. The double screw helps adjust the tension and pressure. Ergonomic handles and finger rests enable smooth and free hand fatigue grooming. The curved blades snip through the hard-to-reach areas like around the eyes or underbelly.

  • Trimz Scissors Set 7”, Sparkling Silver
  • With its versatile products and shears, Trimz has introduced a new Sparkling Silver shear set for groomers on the go. The positive response to the shear has made them introduce this new line of Trimz scissor sets in various colors. It is equipped with 7-inch straight, curved, and thinner scissors. A stainless steel comb and a case for easy use during traveling and storage are provided. The sturdy and durable stainless steel makes the shears last longer. Regular cleaning and maintenance play a pivotal role in the lasting use of the shear.

  • Kiss Grooming
  • Kiss Grooming offers wide and versatile shears that are made from supreme quality Japanese stainless steel to provide long-lasting use to its customers. It is ideally used for pet salons. Shears are coated with titanium to make them more durable. Available in various sizes and colors that add beauty to your grooming tools.. 

    If you are bored of dull colors and need some trendy bold color, Swan straight scissors are the one for you. It is equipped with titanium-coated stainless steel blades that last longer with sharp blades that stay so for months. It is ergonomically designed and lightweight which just adds to the features of scissors. The pop of color adds a sense of style and color to the plain colors and aesthetic.

  • Kiss Grooming: Swan Thinner Scissors,6.5”
  • Made of stainless steel to prevent any corrosion or rust. The thinning of dog hair is made easy with these scissors. It gives a more blended and smooth look. The coating of Titanium acts as a protective shield to sustain the longevity of the scissors. These scissors are available in varied colors that add a trendy look to boring tools. The ergonomic design helps keep the grip strong and fatigue at bay. It is ideal to use on wire coat types like Terrier.

  • Andis
  • Andis has been a family-owned brand since 1922. Giving its customers quality goods for four generations providing the best service ever in its versatile ranges. Divided into two segments that suits their customers to provide the best results. This dynamic segment allows people like stylists and groomers to pick shears to pet their customers to provide the best results to their clients. Supplying the best blades, clippers, and grooming tools, for an amazing grooming experience.

  • Andis: Premium Curved Ball Tip Shear - Right Handed
  •  This premium stainless steel scissor cuts through sensitive parts like ears or eyes with its curved ball tip technology. This feature helps get grooming done with ease in sensitive areas. The ergonomic offset handles provide comfort and stability.  Easy grooming around the legs and the paws. The ball tip protects your pet from any sort of mishap or hurt. Proving to be a safe option for your lovely pet.

  • Andis Premium 6.25" Straight Shear - Right Handed
  • The Japanese stainless steel assures corrosion-free, durability, and reliability. It is ideal for small or toy-size dogs. It is used for trimming around the feet or over the eyes. The small design makes it easier for the groomer to trim the hard-to-reach spots. This alleviates the grooming session with ease. 


    Donning the sharp blades of the scissors to every customer they serve; these brands take their work seriously. With their skill and experiences full of wisdom in the pet industry; they make grooming products more perfect for pets and pet parents. If you are looking for reliable and long-lasting scissors that withstand the tiresome grooming sessions then here you have it. You have the best shears from the best brands for your best grooming service.

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