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Gift the best to your pooches

Do You Want to Shower Love on Your Doggo?  Here are a few Recommended Gifts to Make Your Pooch Happy. 

Food treats - Food treats are never out of fashion. It is always a better idea to reward your pooch with food treats. It won’t be too expensive and your dog’s favorite. When it comes to food treats we recommend you chip chops snacks made with fresh meat. It is nutritional as well as tasty.


Interactive games - Interactive toys are more satisfying for dogs than regular toys. It keeps them engaged. On this birthday gift your pooch Nina Ottosson Dog worker game by Outward Hound. It is the ultimate exercise for learning and playtime. Can be filled with treats to exercise your dog’s mind, and strengthen the bond between you and your dog.

Stylish and comfortable bed - All the dogs like to snuggle, curl up and take a break, gifting them a soft and comfortable bed is always a better idea.


  1.  Donut beds by dogs gone smart are best when comes to comfort. They are soft, bouncy, and cozy. It has comfortable cushions and sides, secured and support for your lovely darling to call it his own place. 
  2. Cuddly cave bed is enough enclosed to keep your pet warm and cozy. If he likes to rest at a secured place then Trixie cave bed is definitely worth it. It has a soft plush cover, foam padding, non - slip bottom, washable with two design versions.
  3. Basket Anthracite - Gifting a cool basket you can take over when traveling with your pet is just a kind of wise investment. Lian basket anthracite is as cute as your pup. It is insulating, dirt-repellent, cushion with plush cover.

“Splash” “splash” Dog pool - A pool makes a thoughtful gift for the dog. Dogs sometimes get dry and itchy, especially during summers. Who doesn’t like to party around the pool? So does your doggo. Trixie dog pools are user friendly, scratch-resistant, space-saving, non-slippery. Isn’t it enough tempting to gift your doggo?

Drinking fountain - Drinking fountain encourages your dog to drink more water and reduce the risk of bladder problems. Savic, a drinking fountain is recommended by vets.

Rain gear and protective boots - Non - skid, soft protective boots are the best gifts your baby doggo will have in the rainy season. They just love jumping over puddles. Rain gear with boots is just cherry on top. We recommend you Trixie’s Lorient dog raincoat.

Waist belt with a leash - It is an ideal gift if you and your doggo love nordic walks, jogging. Waist belt with a leash by Trixie is a shock absorber and elastic including pockets for mobile and water bottle.


ID tag - No gift is as valuable as an ID tag for your little one with name address and phone number. Trixie’s ID Tag with the chromed finish is affordable as well as stylish.


Surprising your doggo with gifts won’t spoil him. They are going to appreciate this gift and love you even more. 

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