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Rainy Day Dog Walking: 5 Essentials

Dogs need exercise daily. For some dogs, especially those with high levels of energy, bouncing indoors or in the backyard isn't enough. As a result, bringing dogs for walks is generally essential, rain or not. Rain might not be the perfect dog-walking weather, but it’s no excuse for us responsible pet parents! 

The monsoon is on its way, and you need to be prepared to take your dog for a walk in the rain. So here are Five essentials you should consider prepping yourself with:


A Top-quality Dog Raincoat



Pic Credit: Unsplash

Staying out in severe weather, such as the rain, is one of the quickest ways for dogs to fall sick. Getting them dog raincoats will help avoid your dog getting sick and save you from paying costly vet fees. Furthermore, not every dog loves walking in the rain. Investing in a raincoat for them will make sure that they continue to walk despite of the weather!


Grab a Pair of Dog Rain Boots



Pic Credit: Pexels

Dog rain boots are a must-have for walking your dog on a rainy day, as they keep your pup's delicate paws dry while out for a walk. If they venture in the woods or on a surface where the cement has been wet thanks to rain, the rain boots will keep their feet free from mud and other dirt.


Always Have an Absorbent Towel Ready



Pic Credit: Pexels

An absorbent microfiber towel is arguably one of the most essential items to have on hand when you walk your dog in the rain. Even the wettest of dogs can be dried quickly with a good-quality, thick microfiber towel. As they are much more absorbent than your standard cotton towels. You won't have to put up with the wet dog smell because a decent microfiber towel dries quickly too.

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