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The Story of ABK Imports

9 years ago, three brothers Anand, Bharat and Kushal had a vision - to make the life of pet parents easier by making good quality pet products more accessible to them. Being passionate dog lovers themselves they knew the importance of taking good care of pets. They wanted to educate people on Pet Care and Grooming and also create awareness of the availability of pet-specific products to the pet owners.

When you own a pet, they become a part of your family and you always want to give them the best of everything. A dog is just like a human and needs proper care.  You have to bathe them, groom them and take care of their health. However, we should not use products meant for humans for our dog. For example, you cannot use human shampoos on your dog as their skin gets affected. You need to use specific shampoo for dogs that are available in the market. You also need to have good quality products as cheap quality products can harm your pets.

However, not all the pet products available in Indian markets are of good quality. Anand, Bharat and Kushal wanted to bring these high-quality products into the Indian market. That is why they started ABK Imports (ABK Imports Pvt. Ltd.).


ABK Imports has an exclusive import and distribution rights for 24 International Brands with over 1100 products in their portfolio and they import products from 8 countries across the world.

Since its inception in 2010, ABK Imports has been providing pet owners and professional groomers with the highest quality of pet products for pets such as dogs, cats, birds and small animals such as hamsters, rabbits etc. They cater not only to pet owners but also pet groomers, breeders, veterinarians, and pet speciality retailers.

They have a vast collection of products from top international brands such as Andis, Bio-Groom, Trixie, Aeolus, Metrovac, Tropiclean and many more. At ABK Imports you will find pet products such as pet treats, toys, travel products, brushes, dog shampoos and conditioners, accessories such as collars, leads and harnesses, training products, pet care and hygiene products, etc.

shampoos and conditioners for pets

The mission of ABK Imports Pvt. Ltd is to consistently provide the highest quality of pet products as well as the best customer-oriented services. Their main aim is to help bridge the gap between pets and humans. That is why they offer the best of products that not only make you and your pet happy but also establishes a great bond between you and your pet. ABK Imports strives for efficient, uncompromised, and exceptional service and they are excited about building strong relationships with everyone that they interact with namely, their customers, the community, and their suppliers.

With dedication, commitment along with their innovative products, customer-oriented service and a great team of highly motivated employees, ABK Imports Pvt. Ltd has achieved market leadership in a majority of categories it is present in. ABK Imports can proudly say that they are the largest importers for pet products in India.

I hope you enjoyed reading about ABK Imports. Needless to say, ABK Imports has made the lives of pet parents and their pets much easier. They have also started a sister concern called ‘ABK Grooming’ which caters specifically to the professional pet groomers. Stay tuned to this space to know more.

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