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Tips and Tricks of Brushing Your Dog

Your dog deserves a smooth and shiny coat. You invest in fancy shampoos for a great coat but what else? Brushing your dog is as important as buying the perfect shampoo for your dog. Did you know you can ruin the coat with the wrong brush and technique? Every furry is different and it is our responsibility to cater to their individual needs. 

Why is it important to brush your dog?

Brushing your dog is essential if you want that healthy, smooth, clean coat. Yet, it seems like a hefty task; if you have long-haired dogs. A thumb rule that stays constant despite the varied dog breeds and their needs. It is to brush in the direction of the fur growth. Some might need weekly brushing whereas some might need regular brushing. Here are a few factors that prove brushing is important.:

Reduce shedding


Why wait for shedding season to collect all the hair in one go? Some breeds do shed all year long. For such cases, brushing is essential as it helps regularly get rid of loose hair, leaving less messy hair around the house. A de-shedding tool is all you need to make it easier for you. Andis Compact Deshedding Tool reduces shedding up to 90% It is ideal for all sizes of dogs, making this a handy tool during shedding season.

No more mats and tangles

Troubled by tangled and matted hair? We know the pain. That’s why, we suggest brushing your dog often according to their coat’s needs. Short-haired dogs like Pug, Great Danes, and Russell Terrier need a bristle brush to comb through their coat whereas long-haired dogs like  long-haired Dachshund, Shih Tzu, Poodle, and Maltese love a slicker brush. But can we find a brush that suits all dog breeds? Andis Medium Firm Slicker Brush is the one for you. This lessens the chances of any tangles or matted hair, leaving your dog with the only option. A smooth and silky hair.

Natural oils are distributed


Brushing can help distribute the natural oil across the coat. This oil secretion acts as a protective barrier against external pathogens. This oil also helps in fur growth. It improves blood circulation in the body leading to healthy skin, coat, and lifestyle.

Bonding opportunities


There are many instances of bonding with your pet. So why not consider grooming a bonding time too? Gently brushing through their coats builds trust and care for each other. Strengthening the bond between you and your pet

What brush to use?

This is quite a dilemma. Dogs have different coat types that cannot be solved with one single brush. The brushes should be catered to the coat type of your dog. Still confused? Here we have a simplified explanation of the concept.

Long coats

The dog breed under this category needs to be brushed daily to avoid any tangles and matted hair. It can be time-consuming and shedding could be a lot. A pin brush that goes under to get rid of dirt, tangles and loose hair helps maintain the coat in its shine.

We recommend using  Andis Medium/ large pin brush. The brush reduces hair fall and loose hair around the house. Its unique pin pad prevents teeth from falling out, making the brush durable and perfect for lasting use. It removes dirt, tangles, and loose hair effectively. 

Short coats


The dog breeds falling under this category don't require much maintenance. Since shedding is more often, brushing a couple of days in a week can get rid of loose hair. In such cases, a grooming glove or a brush with plastic/rubber bristles can be ideal.

We recommend using Trixie Dog Brush Natural Bristles. The brush is equipped with a natural bristle for gentle care to brush through the coat efficiently. The wooden handle provides a firm grip. Brushing with gentle strokes can get rid of loose hair. 

Another recommendation is, the Trixie Dog/Cat Grooming Glove This glove fits all hand sizes as it helps groom the coat while petting. The short bristles made of plastic help stimulate blood circulation to the body. It eliminates any sort of dust, dirt, and loose hair easily. 

Curly or wavy coats

The dog breeds under this category mat their hair easily leading to more tangled and dirt on their coat. Daily brushing will help maintain their coat easily and make their fur soft.. Using a slicker brush followed by a steel comb helps maintain the coat. 

We recommend using Trixie Metal Comb. The comb is corrosion-resistant and easy to clean. The wide teeth help find the matted and tangled hair. The thin teeth comb through the sensitive areas like eyes or ears. Getting rid of loose hair and leaves behind a smooth coat. 

Along with this Trixie Slicker Brush. It has soft wire bristles for easy grooming. Plastic handle with rubber grip/ metal to attain a firm grip on the brush. It can comb through the top and base coat with minimal effort. The slicker brush helps detangle through the matted hair leaving a smooth coat behind.

Few things to keep in mind

  • Always detangle before giving a bath to your dog. 
  • Even after a bath, do not brush through the wet hair. It gets matted quickly.
  • Do not pull by force and approach gently.
  • Comb in the way of the fur growth.
  • Always do gentle strokes while grooming to maintain a soothing experience for your pet.


Your dog and its coat care is essential since it's exposed to germs, bacteria, dust, and so much more. Appropriate shampoos along with brushing can help sustain a healthy coat. Maintainance of the coat can be a task but it’s all worth it for our fur babies.

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