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Use Artero Powdex for stripping and removing oils and grease before bathing. The calcium carbonate formula has a drying effect, absorbing hair grease and oils to prevent slipping through fingers/tools and to facilitate stripping. Use on dogs with fine, greasy, very smooth or very dense coats. Also lightens dull or stained white coats. Ideal for competing/show dogs to enhance their natural white color to mask staining. Perfect for setting the top of the head of Westies in exhibitions or competitions. 


  • Calcium carbonate formula that facilitates stripping
  • Its drying effect keeps hair from sliding between fingers, stripping-knife, stone when stripping the coat
  • Used as well to whiten areas of the dog in which the skin is visible, or where the hair could have stains, as well as on show dogs to enhance their natural white color

Instructions for use

For stripping: dip fingers in powder. Re-apply as needed. For whitening: apply the powder with a bristle brush.

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