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This shampoo contains oatmeal extract and provides relief for itchy and sensitive skin. Oatmeal helps reduce irritation while promoting moisture and hydration to the coat. The shampoo also contains other raw ingredients that help to remove odor, providing your pet with a long-lasting and enjoyable scent. No more harsh chemicals that overpower and dry out your pet's skin. Made specifically with pH balance in mind, our pet shampoo for dogs and cats will leave your pet's skin and fur soft, hydrated, and shiny. This formula also helps hair and fur to dry quicker, resulting in less stress for pets. 


  • Concentrated formula (10:1)
  • Promotes cleansing of the coat
  • Exclusive odor-neutralization system, that removes bad odors
  • Partially opens the cuticle making it easy to remove dirt
  • Fast drying and easy to rinse
  • Made with Oatmeal Extract
  • Suitable for dogs and cats of all breeds


Capacity :  1 litre

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